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"B&B" Breakdown
Week of July 23 - 27:

There was plenty happening in the two featured storylines this week. Check it out:

Not exactly the hero.
It totally didn't sit right that Marcus went ahead with his wedding without telling Dayzee what had happened. Not only did it seem out of character for Marcus, who isn't a weasel, it was ridiculous. All Marcus had to do was tell Stephanie and she would have let him speak to Dayzee the night it happened - it didn't make any sense that she wouldn't put her on the phone anyway. How could you go ahead with your wedding knowing you had run down the man who was supposed to walk your bride down the aisle? You couldn't.

A flat-out crime.
Anthony's reaction when he found out Marcus was responsible was more harsh than expected. I don't recall him being such a hard ass - a softie, if anything. In any case, it's legit that he would be disappointed in Marcus, and even hurt that Marcus left him there to go ahead with the wedding without telling Dayzee, but the whole 'lock him up' bit seemed over-the-top. That said, texting while driving is illegal (for good reason) and it's amazing that "B&B" is addressing this timely issue. I'll be watching to see if the marriage survives.

Hot now.
Thomas and Caroline have taken me by surprise by how hot they have become as a couple. A little less 'cute' and a little more passionate definitely looks good on them. I was stunned that Katie urged Rick to try and break up their relationship - after all the misery her family has endured over that type of thing...really, Katie?

Ex chat.
Steffy and Liam have such an easy chemistry, even when they're just talking. I got a kick out of the conversation about Brooke's bedroom closet and its secrets. Worth a giggle!

Everything is ruined!
Despite being utterly over this triangle, I have to admit to being drawn in by Hope finally seeing the video and reacting to it - which was very realistic, by the way. The problem is, I can't figure out if she's more upset that Liam was with Steffy, or about the fact that he had the audacity to mess with the fairytale. The perfect wedding day - ruined! Brooke trying to defend what he did didn't sit well - has she ever asked herself if this is really the guy she wants for Hope? Let's not forget, he turned to Steffy in a nanosecond after Hope ended their engagement as well - so this is his pattern, and shouldn't have come as a surprise. What do you think Hope should do now? Let know by voting in our B&B Hope’s Decision poll.

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- Candace Young