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"B&B" Breakdown
Week of July 16 - 20:

Two storylines were featured on "B&B" this week. One was the dreaded triangle, and the other the tale of multi-tasking Marcus and his ill-fated wedding day.

The latest development that has me puzzled as the never-ending triangle story continues, is Brooke wanting Liam to tell Hope every detail of 'what happened in Italy' with Steffy. Now that Hope has 'won' by marrying Liam, it would be much more like Brooke to want to sweep 'what happened in Italy' under the rug so Hope can continue to live the fairytale in blissful ignorance. 'What happened in Italy' is nothing new for Liam, so if this behavior so concerns Brooke, why did she even want Hope to marry him at all? In any case, Liam told Hope enough to get a good rise out of her. She had her hissy fit, forgave everyone involved, and seems keen to go back to living the dream. Of course, we all know that's not going to last. Despite Steffy's new glassy-eyed zen approach to life, and her willingness to delete the video that had become her lifeline, the full story of 'what happened in Italy' is bound to come out. There's a certain anticipation in seeing Hope's reaction, and the fallout, but realistically, it's time to put Liam with one partner for longer than a week or two and move on to other characters on the show. Played. Out.

Marcus's secret.
We should have known, when Marcus's texting started being the topic of conversation, that we were headed for a PSA storyline, but somehow we didn't. It was an unexpected shock when he hit Anthony while texting and driving. I love to be taken by surprise and this fit the bill! Many thought that Marcus would have skeletons coming out of his closet before his wedding, never imagining something like this. It's an effective storyline - Marcus isn't a bad guy, yet he caused this horrible event to occur. His guilt, alongside his desire to hide the fact that he'd been texting while driving, really upped the tension factor in the hospital scenes. Meanwhile, viewers were pathetically grateful for the scenes involving characters other than those in the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle - Stephanie and Dayzee, Donna and Eric, Rick and Caroline, Pam, Caroline and Thomas - bliss! As the wedding got underway, Marcus made the decision, with a little help from Thomas, to go forward without telling Dayzee that Anthony was in the hospital and he was responsible. Now this is going to come back and bite him worse than he ever thought possible - the fabulous Baker boys have shown up at the door! After all this comes out, do you think Dayzee should forgive Marcus? Vote in's B&B Marcus’s Betrayal poll.

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- Candace Young