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Monday - There Is No Other Way.
Liam and Steffy discovered their secret hookup was discovered by the worst possible people. I don't think there is anything Steffy could have said to convince Katie she sincerely didn't want to hurt Hope. Brooke is out of control. It can't be good for Hope to have her mom and aunts meddling in her love life. If the girl is mature enough to be married, she's mature enough to handle adult issues on her own. Brooke told Steffy she didn't want her and Hope to be like her and Taylor. If that is really true, then she needs to take a step back because she's turned into Stephanie with her meddling. It was refreshing to see Marcus, Dayzee and Thomas today. Marcus mentioned there were some crazy issues that made him want to have a long engagement. With all the drama he's witnessed, who can blame him?

Tuesday - So Lucky.
Steffy went to see Liam and talk about how she wanted their hookup to remain a secret. I admire Steffy for trying to respect Hope and Liam's marriage. However, she is too strong of a woman to be over at the newlyweds' home telling Liam how lucky Hope is to be married to him. How is she to move on if she's always with Liam? Taylor and Brooke actually agreed that Hope needed to know the truth, but for different reasons. Brooke might have set a record for most repetitive phrase in one soap episode. All she said was, "Hope needs to know," over and over. What Hope needs is for her meddling mama to let her be the grown woman she is. Brooke is better than resorting to hyperactive and overbearing antics. In an interesting turn of events, some sparks were flying between Thomas and Dayzee today. This was a bit out of left field, as Thomas and Dayzee have been there and done that. While their interaction was a welcome departure from the Liam/Hope/Steffy saga, I hope Dayzee doesn't break adorable Marcus's heart.

Wednesday - Same Old Situation.
Again, more of the same drama surrounding Liam, Steffy and Hope dominated the episode. One minute, Steffy is telling Liam she would love to be married to him, and the next second she is telling him he did the right thing by marrying Hope. Steffy is too good for this back and forth bit. The exchange between Taylor and Brooke was great, as they wondered if they would have been friends had they not been always fighting over Ridge. Now, their daughters are in the same old situation. Wouldn't it be great if Steffy and Hope learned from their mamas, both agreed they were sick of fighting over Liam, joined forces and moved on? What do you think Steffy and Hope should do regarding Liam? Vote in our Bold and the Beautiful Poll. Ridge also paid a visit to his son-in-law, who he should be able to relate to quite well given his past. Again, the same old situation, with a different generation. In other Forrester news, Marcus thrilled Dayzee with the news that he was suddenly ready to get married. Maybe he should have a talk with Liam. Liam has been in the same triangle for what seems like years now, while Marcus resolved his issues overnight. Surprisingly, Thomas looked like he was going to be sick. What gives? He's seemingly won the heart of Caroline, yet all of a sudden still fancies Dayzee? Very strange.

Thursday - Everything Is Just Right.
Hope was so happy in this episode, which made it obvious she's going to come crashing down very soon. Steffy went to talk to Hope about something important. I'm not sure if she was actually going to confess about her hookup with Liam in Italy or not, but if she was, why? She's running all over town telling everyone not to tell Hope. She instead told Hope she wants to have a sisterly relationship with her. This was interesting after the conversation between Taylor and Brooke about being friends. The foreshadowing between Liam and Ridge about how odd Deacon's arrival in Italy was tells me Bill is going to be in serious trouble down the road. My favorite scene was between Steffy and Brooke. Steffy pleaded with Brooke and tried to explain how everything was just miscommunication. Brooke seemed to understand for a brief moment. I really think those two are more alike than they think. However, Brooke wants to protect her daughter, and I get that. Yet how embarrassing would it be to know how meddlesome your parents are in your personal relationship, such as Brooke and Bill? On the other side of town, Marcus asked Thomas to be his best man, while Thomas and Dayzee were making gaga eyes at one another. What in the world is going on? I'd rather see Thomas and Caroline develop than another triangle/quadrangle.

Friday - Your Perfect Day Wasn't So Perfect.
Today centered around Hope's new collection, based on her perfect day. As Liam would tell Hope, her perfect day was not so perfect. Good thing Eric interrupted the reveal prior to the show starting. If Liam does indeed go on to reveal all, at least Hope had a successful show. It is puzzling why Brooke wanted Liam to tell Hope everything right before the show. The girl is obviously going to be devastated and has had a rough go of it with the press. Why not let her live in denial for a few more minutes? Steffy spent her time pining away watching her makeout tape with Liam. Why? While she can't just turn off her feelings, none of this is going to help her move on. Liam made me ill when he told Steffy what happened on that day was for them. It's just icky that he considers to have such a special moment with another woman on the day he married someone else.

Hope is about to find out that something happened on that day, but whether or not it is the total truth remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see how she handles this development. Will she spiral out of control again, or will she fight for her marriage? What will happen when Bill's involvement is revealed? Some interesting times await!

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-Allyson Wells