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"B&B" Breakdown
Week of July 2 - 6:

Monday - No You’re Not.
This was an enjoyable episode! Not only did we learn something new (Steffy and Liam did not make love), but we got to see a nice variety of characters, and Karen finally told Bill she is gay. I loved his response and the whole scene - it was very moving. I teared up! As for Steffy, I get her pain, but honestly, Liam's like a squirrel in the road that doesn't know which way to go. How much can you really invest in a guy who has a backup girl waiting whenever you have a misunderstanding, and who demands honesty while keeping secrets himself? Thomas and Caroline are cute, but they need a solid storyline.

Tuesday - If She Only Knew.
The day kicked off with Hope giggling about moving out of the house now that she's got a real live husband, and Brooke acting hungry to get the details about the honeymoon. Across town, Taylor pressured Steffy to expose Bill, but Steffy told her she'd no intention of becoming a rat. Later, Slapstick Steffy bumped into Liam and spilled coffee all over them both. Since when has Steffy been a huge klutz? While Liam and Steffy held an awkward conversation at Dayzee's, Brooke tried, and failed, to convince Hope not to see Deacon again. I don't get her intense need to control this and keep them apart.

Wednesday - Dragging His Heels.
Liam royally ticked me off today by asking Steffy why she didn't come out of the hotel bathroom and tell Hope they had just recommitted to each other. What! I suppose if she had done that, he would have gone off and married her instead of Hope. Liam seriously needs to get a grip on what he wants - he has no business being married to anyone. Over at Brooke's, she, Hope, and Katie had a minor celebration over the wedding, pregnancy, and Bill becoming a stand-up guy, but Brooke's glee was short-lived as she came across a suspicious looking video on Liam's tablet. Yike. Over at Forrester, Ridge told Taylor to give it up when she tried to make a case for Steffy and Liam, and outside, Thomas warned Marcus about his cold feet. Why would Marcus be dragging his heels? Who knows. We haven't seen enough of him to have a clue what his issues might be.

Thursday - No One Likes A Sore Loser.
I couldn't help but laugh that Brooke even took two seconds to consider watching the video of Liam and Steffy, much less half the episode. thank goodness Katie arrived to knock some sense into her. I am almost as anxious as they are to see exactly how much is on that tape. Bill assured Liam how proud he is to have Hope as a daughter-in-law, and I am really starting to believe that Bill is making some changes. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but it is nice to see him being a true dad to Liam instead of his usual interference and bully tactics. Meanwhile, Steffy is really tying with Hope, and part of that has to be chalked up to the guilt she feels over her make-out session with Liam on their wedding day.

Friday - Welcome Home Mrs. Spencer.
Brooke and Katie watched about as much of the video of Liam and Steffy rolling around in the bed that they could handle. Good thing since the power cut out. But just because we have not seen them do the deed and Steffy told her mom they didn't doesn't exactly make it so. An I, for one, am dying to see what is on the rest of that video. Oh, Katie wants to see it too. She also wants to see Steffy back of a married Liam. Steffy seems really willing to let this all move to the past, but now that everyone is about to find out about her video, that won't really be possible.

As for Liam and Hope, things are about to get really rough, really quick. This is only their first night at home as husband and wife, and already they have a visitor bearing bad news. No matter how long Hope is in the dark, she is sure to find out eventually what happened.

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- Candace Young