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Ronn Moss (CBS)

Another location shoot for B&B? (CBS)

Is Australia the next location shoot for
The Bold and the Beautiful?

Sources say that if all goes well, the fans can look forward to seeing The Bold and the Beautiful head to the land down under for its next location shoot in March 2007! Although the details are still in the works,
The Bold and the Beautiful Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley Bell comments that he has plans for Ridge's recent European tour for Brooke's Bedroom to take him to his next locale of Australia. Rumor has it that Sydney will be the pinpointed destination, but it's not official as of yet.

Since The Bold and the Beautiful first debuted on March 23, 1987, Bradley Bell has taken his show on numerous location shoots, including Italy, Catalina Island, Barbados and Malibu, and all of them have beautifully suited each storyline equally.

So fans, let's hope we get to see the cast in Australia next year� It'll make for an interesting new backdrop for The Bold and the Beautiful to add to their list of places visited!