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B&B Breakdown for week of 9/1/08

It was a short week, but there was still quite a bit to talk about. Here’s my take on what happened…

Before I get into anything else, I have to start with Nick. Could he have picked a worse time to tell Bridget about Katie?! I mean, right after they have sex, with the sweat on their foreheads not even dry yet? Good God man, at least wait until you get showered and dressed to blow her world apart. And does he really think she’ll take it better after a lovely, romantic evening with him? He really should have just come to the house and laid it on the line instead of making her feel “alive and protected” first.

I loved Brooke slapping Katie! I know most of you think Brooke is being a hypocrite, and she is. She slept with two of Bridget’s husbands and got pregnant by one of them. She really should have said, “I completely understand. I too am powerless to resist Bridget’s men” and then they could have had a cup of tea (Brooke could have had something stronger) and compared notes. However, I cheered on the rage that went into the slap because I am so tired of Katie’s self-loathing. You know what, Katie? You did it. No one forced you to sleep with your best friend/niece’s man. Even if you were dying, you did it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Now, on to Owen and Donna. I’m not sure how I feel about them. I don’t quite get Owen’s devotion to her. He’s known her for barely two months and he’s already saying things like, “I could have lost you.” It doesn’t sound right coming from him. I get that he wants to have sex with her, but this deep love he keeps professing is just kind of creepy. If I were Donna I would be more annoyed by, or afraid of, his smothering than turned on by it.

I was glad Stephanie caught Donna with Owen, especially since Steph just declared she underestimated Donna, and it will be interesting to see what she does with that information. However, there’s been so much flip flopping over Donna, that I think it would have been better if Stephanie held her ground and said she was wrong about Donna poisoning Eric, but still didn’t buy her devotion to him. I think that would have stayed true to the character, while allowing Stephanie to admit she was wrong, sort of. And of course, once Ridge finds out, he will hate Donna again and the feud will rage on. Ridge really needs to make a decision where Donna is concerned and stick with it, because how else will Felicia and Thorne know how to react?

More on Stephanie - I’m not sure I buy her love for Eric. After everything that happened, would she really still be so in love with him? Yes, of course she would be devastated that he was near death and I understand her being by his bedside, but to want him back? I’m not so sure about that. I know he was the love of her life, but isn’t there a point where you say, “Enough is enough!”? I would think their last break up over Donna would be that point and I thought Stephanie was stronger than that.

To sum up, I don’t trust Owen, Nick is ridiculous and all the declarations of love this week seemed hollow. However, next week should be good, as the fallout of all the reveals unfold. I for one am looking forward to Bridget getting spitting mad when she finds out about Katie, because no one is that nice and understanding all the time.

That’s how I saw things. How about you? Agree or disagree with me, just remember this is all in fun!