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"B&B" Breakdown
Week of February 20 - 24:

It seems we've ended up back to square one with the Hope/Liam/Steffy storyline this week, which feels a little frustrating, but there were some really entertaining scenes. Thoughts for the week:

Steffy double-crossing Rick was nothing less than I expected, and made for great reactions all the way around. Particularly enjoyable was Stephanie finally getting into the mix with her deliciously blunt observations on the matter!

First of all, every character in this storyline is behaving hypocritically many times over, but the scene with Stephanie calling Brooke out was still good. Especially entertaining was Stephanie putting Brooke in check when she tried to say Rick was being a friend to Steffy - she was having none of that bunk! Brooke's been pretty much free-wheeling in this Hope/Steffy/Liam situation, as Ridge and Taylor have only put up a minimum of resistance. There's nothing like a good Brooke/Stephanie showdown on any issue! Love this pair!

Hissy fit.
Watching Hope freak out after learning Steffy signed 'loser' on the annulment papers, I felt torn. On one hand, she was finally showing some spirit, but on the other, she was still disappointingly like a spoiled child stomping her feet over not getting her way. Also surprising is her blatant and repeated appeals to Rick to do whatever it takes to get Steffy off the market - dangerously close to doing the very same type of things she's condemned Steffy for in the past! If her 'fans' only knew!

Leave me wanting more.
Rick's basically coming across as a snake in this whole Steffy scheme of his, but there's no one more capable of handling him than Steffy, and they have more than enough chemistry to make their scenes taut with the promise of what could be. Unfortunately for Rick, he needs Amber to help him with his designs, so once she gets wind of this, things may get a wee bit more complicated. Looking forward to it!

Barrel of monkeys.

The double-date dinner at Bikini Beach was brilliant. All the different facial expressions, one-liners, and the women trying to be civilized was so entertaining to watch. Bill and Ridge drank like fish to get through it, and the bit with Bill's little impromptu fantasy about Brooke was golden - so unexpected, and absolutely hilarious the way he had to give his head a shake and excuse himself. Awesome! These two very sexual characters would really burn up the sheets if they ever hooked-up. Would you like to see it? Vote in our Brooke and Bill poll.

I've got a headache.
By the end of the week this very long storyline with Hope, Liam, and Steffy had come full circle. It's almost like it was in the beginning with Hope wondering if Liam will be able to 'wait', Steffy trying to seduce Liam, and Liam seemingly wavering. Bill's caveman-like advice to Liam was ridiculously funny to hear, and led us to the Friday cliffhanger - who did Liam go to? Is he behind door number one or door number two? Personally, I think Rick's at Steffy's door and Liam's run back to Hope to stop himself from giving in to his desire for Steffy.

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- Candace Young