Bold and Beautiful Yearbook image


For those who haven't heard about it yet, is pleased to let you in on the details of the fabulous B&B Yearbook which is available now!

Author, and B&B's Head of Communication and Talent Relations, Eva Demirjian, told media that the 20th Anniversary edition of the yearbook took 14 months to compile and assemble the highlights, both personal and professional, that comprise the book! Since B&B already had a 10th Anniversary Yearbook, Demirjian shared the idea of a twenty year edition with Bradley Bell, who loved the idea!

This talented lady told media earlier this year that she conceptualized the book as a 'fun, photographic essay'. The colorful result is full of trivia and anecdotal stories and a breakdown-type synopsis of the past ten years!

Eva Demirjian gives the book a heartfelt touch by dedicating it to the late William J. Bell, and having contributions from his wife and son. There is also a special bookmark included to honor the late Darlene Conley who passed away in January. encourages readers to hit the nearest bookstore and see for yourself this wonderful piece of work, showcasing the wonderful memories from twenty years of B&B!