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She thought the worse thing in life was having a child who was sick, or who might be blind. That was until October 18th, 2007 when she received news that her son Mike had died.

B&B's Hunter Tylo (Taylor) gave a poignant interview to Larry King on Tuesday night, during which she describes the unforgettable moment that her eldest son Chris called her in L.A., where she was having dinner with her daughters, and told her that he had found Mike in the pool, and he was dead. She told Larry King that when Chris asked if she was sitting down, she felt a hot rush of blood envelope her face and chest, and that she knew something was terribly wrong. In spite of her effort not to give anything away to her daughters, her 11 year old asked, "Is Mike dead?" She says that Chris's confirmation was the worst thing she ever heard in her life.

Hunter explained to Larry that around age 15, Mike started to have episodes where he would walk around and begin blinking and staring into space. This turned to seizures where he would tremble and fall to the ground. Physicians called it Complex Partial Seizures. She mentions that he had been seeing a therapist, the same one that was treating her daughter Katya, who had told him it was stress disorder, and that talking with her on a weekly basis would get rid of the seizures - it didn't.

The morning he died, Mike had driven out to the family home in Nevada, from L.A., and had called his girlfriend in the early morning to make plans. He had gone out beside the pool to get reception, and made the call. She said she would call him back, but he never picked up again. He had taken a seizure and fell into the pool.

Hunter said that her oldest son Chris, who discovered Mike in the pool, was struggling with tremendous guilt. Particularly since Mike had fallen into the pool before Chris had even left for work. She says he can't even go near the pool, in fact, no one can even live there right now. She added that this tragedy has been devastating for Michael Tylo Sr. who has lost his only son.

Hunter credits her faith with making it possible to handle this terrible loss. She says a trip out to the church of Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, was particularly helpful. Her boyfriend is a bass player in a band at the church, and when everyone began encouraging her after the funeral to begin getting out, she chose to attend a sermon there. The sermon connected with what she was going through and she found it immensely helpful. She added, "There's only so long you can cry."

When asked if she would continue to work at The Bold and the Beautiful, she commented that she uses her pain to work, and that she didn't think Mike would want her to stop acting. She told Larry that she thinks about him everyday. She says there is a gaping hole in her life that will never be healed, but she doesn't want to forget him, she wants to turn around his unfortunate situation to help others, like she did with Katya.

During the last portion of the segment, Hunter was joined by her lawyer, Patricia Vaccarino, who represents her and children in lawsuit filed before Mickey's death. It is essentially a malpractice suit against the social worker who did treatment for the family, as well as the entity where they practice social work. The allegation is that the social worker, by treating every member of the family except for Chris, was acting in multiple capacities and was in violation of the Code of Ethics, and guilty of a conflict of interest. Hunter explained how Katya became connected with the social worker after dealing with her cancer and some teasing at school. The worker then proceeded to pull each one of them in, which is not allowed (but Hunter didn't know that), and started to diagnose and misdiagnose, and it was a disaster. The lawyer adds that since Mickey's death, the lawsuit will be converted to a wrongful death suit, and the case is still a long way from trial. There was no comment from the lawyer representing the social worker.

Larry King told Hunter to stay strong, "You're quite a lady…" We think so too, here at Our thoughts are with you Hunter, and your family, and we are pleased to hear you will be staying with B&B.