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Sail away with the soap stars!!

Cameron Mathison, Courtesy ABC

Last chance for the 2007 soap cruise:

Yes, all over the country there are many “celebrity appearances” the general public can attend for a couple hours just to grab a glimpse of their favorite actor/actress, a possible photograph or autograph. That’s all fine and good if one wants to stand in line for their “moment” of having an actual conversation and connection with them. So ten popular television celebrities from six different shows decided to do something different and unique this year. They got together to invite “you” to join them on a 4 day Caribbean Cruise. Some of these stars have never even set foot on a Cruise ship other than maybe one from a film set, but they believe going a cruise with their “fans” would serve the purpose of more of an exclusive one on one time than a general ‘public appearance’ celebrities normally do.

They’ve set this 4 day “public appearance” up so we (the normal folks) can enjoy exclusive interaction with these celebrities, plus time to ourselves as well. The other cruise guests will not be able to interact or meet them as we will. We’re the Soap Cruise guests! One big 4 day event (or party) which ever you’re in the mind for.

They chose the (Fun Ship Imagination – Carnival Cruise Lines) because, well – it’s the Caribbean! Warmer waters and think Margaritaville. Plus it will be making its maiden voyage after a month of some major remodeling in dry dock. Then on Thursday, November 15th it departs the Port of Miami, Florida and returns Monday, November 19th, 2007. Ports include Key West and Calica/Cancun, Mexico. Great for shopping, adventurous excursions and maybe get a good laugh watching find fun loving Austin Peck (CBS Brad Snyder of As the World Turns) trying to master a Jet Ski?
The ship will be expanding its 12,000 sq. ft spa and health club, full casino gambling and 10 lounges and bars, I think just so one can get lost and never find their way back to the room? LOL
But who cares? You’re on vacation right before the Holiday madness season, in the sun and bonding with Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery of ABC's All My Children ). I don’t know about you, but have you ever actually met Cameron Mathison? I spent 2 minutes with him and was mesmerized by how fabulous he is.

I’m looking forward to really meeting him during cocktail hour and maybe Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady of NBC Days of Our Lives) will be kind enough to help me find my way back from the Spa or Casino which ever comes first. But then again, I just saw him on Days of Our Lives jumping off a cruise ship so maybe I’ll ask Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater of ABC's All My Children ) instead.

Insider tip? Reserve with deposit early, and pack sun screen. Hurricane season is over in November.

Other participating television celebrities include Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester of CBS The Bold and the Beautiful), Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester of CBS The Bold and the Beautiful), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine of ABC General Hospital), Don Diamont (Brad Carlton of CBS The Young and the Restless), *Emmy Nominee *Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin of CBS The Young and the Restless), and Julie Pinson (Billie Reed of NBC Days of Our Lives).

Visit Soap Cruise for more information. For travel questions, please call 800-626-0870.

Annie Ryan
Freelance Writer