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Reminiscent of what you, your mothers or grandmothers would call the 'good ol' days', when Soaps could be heard on the radio, Podcsting brings a little history to the present.

Downloadable at no charge, or for a nominal fee, one can listen to their favorite soaps, on their computer, or on the go!

Podcasting, or sometimes known as Netcasting, is a method in which multimedia files such as music or videos are distributed on the Internet, and downloadable to one's computer, Ipod, or other portable MP3 Players. Incidentally, the term 'podcasting'comes from the brand name MP3 Player (Ipod) and 'broadcasting'.

Podcasting/Netcasting is not as new as one may think. As a concept, it's been around for six years, since 2000, and quickly became available in 2003, when it made its debut, and regular podcasts started to show up on websites.

The Proctor & Gamble produced soaps such as As the World Turns, and The Guiding Light have been offering daily audio versions of the show in podcasts, since 2005, and it looks as though the other soaps are now catching up, with NBC's Passions recently becoming available for Podcasting recently, as well as CBS Daytime's Guiding Light

To download the software to use with the Podcasts, go to i Tunes

To download a few podcasts/netcasts for free, go to CBS NETCAST