Fan request granted - Wedding photos! image

Elizabeth Wedding Picture (ABC)

Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst (ABC)

Sabrina T wants's help!

Sabrina writes, "I am very interested in acquiring a picture of Lucky and Elizabeth at their last wedding. I am getting married this June 9th and I would like to have my hair done just has she did that day. If there is anything you can do to help me out this would be greatly appreciated."

Congrats on your wedding, Sabrina! Unfortunately we didn't have any photos on file, but we found a few beautiful shots for you from ABC. We hope your hair is long enough to get into that gorgeous 'up do'! If not, may we suggest using a temporary clip on hair extension? You can purchase them just about anywhere and they're not noticeable! Contact your stylist for more information!

We wish you a lovely wedding day and much marital success after!

Christine Fix