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All My Children:

Jo Ellen M.: I love Greenlee and Kendall. Was so sad to see Greenlee leave but she could come back right????

Kristi posted this in our AMC Comings and Goings recently: Lauren Woodland, ex-Brittany, Y&R, may have the inside track on a recast of Pine Valley favorite Greenlee. Sources tell that Lauren could be headed to Pine Valley soon. Maitland Ward, ex-Jessica, B&B was also on the shortlist. We'll keep our ear to the ground and pass along more news as it becomes available.

While this is just a rumor for now, please check the comings and goings often for updated information!

As The World Turns:

Jerry W. writes, "I have watched ATWT since the late 50's-first with Mom and now with my wife. Lately, the music is so loud; it is difficult to hear some of the dialog. Can you please turn the music down, so we can hear the program in its entirety?"

That's no fun if you can't hear the show! I haven't ever had an issue with hearing the show but considering you do, you may want to try using your closed captioning on your TV Set. It may help to read some of the words you miss and maybe contact the show regarding this. You can get in touch with them at this address:

As the World Turns
1268 East 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Or email them at: here

Bold and The Beautiful:

Janet G. writes, "This isn't really about the show but more about the message boards. I just wanna applaud you all for not allowing insult slinging and bashing on your boards as so many others do. Because of that, people seem to be thinking it's ok to be mean. Thank-you for all the work y'all do on the B&B board to keep it a friendly place."

You're very welcome. Thanks for noticing our moderators dedication!

Days of our Lives:

Trish G. writes, "If you don't allow Sammi and Lucas to pull off the wedding, I will stop watching the show. We have been down this "path" way too many times. New story lines would be good! You are terribly wearing the old story lines out. I have spoken with other DOOL watchers. There is absolutely no interest in Kala or Patch. They are both worn out. Kala can only act as a whimpering person...yuk. I never watch that part of the show any longer."
I've read this a lot in our message boards and I hate to admit I agree with you, Trish! While I adore the two actors and really enjoyed it when they were first on screen, the storyline is somehow stagnating for many. Others, however, adore the two and find that Days is taking their time with Steve and Kayla while telling a great love story. I guess we'll soon find out! Incidentally, I feel that the new Head Writer, Hogan Sheffer, is working on the character motivation and perhaps this takes time and will lead us into a great adventure! Let's stay tuned!

General Hospital

Barbara G. writes, "I am so upset with the firing of Stuart Damon that I don't think I can continue watching the show. I don't think it is wise to dwell on the young people over the older ones. He has been with the show too long and is loved by many, especially my friends and I. Not a smart move.
We agree and will miss what Stuart brought to the role of Alan. We encourage you to write to the show with your thoughts. Contact them at:

General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Or email them at: here

Guiding Light:

Carol G. writes, "I think your background music is too loud sometimes you can't hear the actors what they are saying, that is so annoying."

Hmm, another viewer has written the same type of email about As The World Turns. It does sound annoying but I haven't noticed this issue on my Keep those emails coming!TV. You may want to turn on the closed captioning in order to catch what you're missing, and get in touch with the show, at this address:

Guiding Light
c/o CBS
51 West 52nd St
New York, NY 10019

Or email them here

One Life to Live:

Prentise W. writes, "I find it exhausting and so out of touch with modern women's empowerment that Evangeline, the epitome of a beautiful, healthy, strong, talented, intelligent woman is supposedly attached to sulky, hostile characters like John and Christian. Why would she let them reject her when she should be the one rejecting them? John and Christian are tense with anger and moodiness, and nowhere near the quality of Evangeline (and why would Natalie supposedly be so attached to someone like John, too?).

Evangeline loves Christian just the way he is -- jaw-grinding tense, explosively judgmental, unforgiving, and irrationally jealous?! Let HER embrace her own power and reject men who are not worth her commitment; find her a man who is her equal and who respects, supports, and understands her for the quality woman she is.

As for Jessica and her husband, Antonio, the same description fits him as John and Christian, even more so. Jessica and Nash are so clearly so much more suited to each other, and Nash is so much kinder, it doesn't make sense for Jessica to pretend she loves Antonio, or that she ever did as his character is portrayed.

Even the original Clint was tense and hostile; thank goodness you had Vicky not continue to be devoted to that energy and that the new Clint is so much gentler and kinder.

You have a responsibility to support women in being strong; having them be devoted victims to unloving men is abandoning the women who need your help in being integrated, happy, healthy, and effective human beings.

At the same time, you can help change the image of men by having more male characters that are more relaxed, loving, forgiving, and supportive, and less egocentric."

Interesting viewpoint, Prentise. Hey, there's nothing wrong with girl power! We're all for that! Guy power too!


Mary Jane T. writes, "I have watched Passions from the beginning. I think the actors are all fabulous. I heard it is being cancelled which makes me sad this is the best story line since the beginning of the show. Please keep it on the air for the actor's sake and the audience."

We hear ya, Jane. It makes us all sad that they're cancelling the show and we're hoping that somehow they'll be able to do something to keep the show. If they don't, at least it had a good run and we'll have some great memories! Here's a great article that Matt wrote about the cancellation and in it you can find a link to write to the show! Fan Response to Passions Cancellation

Young and the Restless:

Linda S. writes, "I am writing this message to you from Australia to tell you that we no longer get Young and The Restless on our normal TV channel 9 and so many people are devastated. Sell it to another network so we can get it back."

We heard the news recently and thought it was a real shame. We can't imagine that anyone's happy about this. We encourage you to write to the network or the show regarding this. If enough people write, they can make a difference. Please write to:

The Young and the Restless
Bell-Phillip Television
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Or email them here

Keep those emails coming! Email us at: Contact Us!

Christine Fix