Are you a fan of the storyline involving Adam/Maddie and Gwen?

Are they or aren't they related?! Find out!!

The readers requested another installment of "Your opinion .. and Ours." This time, we're going to find out what the Editors of say about your opinions concerning your fave daytime dramas, Bold and The Beautiful and As The World Turns:


Brenda C. writes, I just think that the story line between Phoebe and Rick should be kept going. I think that they are an adorable couple and I am a faithful watcher of the Bold and the Beautiful and I am not sure that I will be if you decide to 86 the budding romance between Phoebe and Rick.

Julie Clark Robinson, Editor for B&B and GH replies, "There are so many different opinions on this one, Brenda! For me, it goes back to blood. Are they related? Nope. Then, I try to push any thoughts of incest out of my mind and treat it as if it's any other budding romance. To me, these guys have too much stacked against them aside from the family feud that they have sparked. I think that Rick has too much life (and world) experience and will grow bored with Phoebe after the initial attraction fades. I think he's flattered that she loves him and since nothing else is going on in his romantic life, he's going along with it. I think he is falling for her, and wouldn't hurt her on purpose, but in the end, it's not a good match for him. The fallout from their relationship is interesting, too. I like watching the Forrester's feud, and I'm especially enjoying Brooke's maternal instincts that are overpowering her blushing bride routine. Of course, her feelings for Nick probably play in here, other words, I agree with you. Let's watch this thing play out!"

Diane S. writes, The new Rick is absolutely wonderful. I was getting tired of the show (been watching for 12 years). I now only watch to see Kyle. His delivery is explicable. Super choice, don't let him go EVER!

Julie Clark Robinson
, Editor for B&B and GH replies, "I completely agree. When he's in a scene, I find that I grow more involved with what's going on. I like his relationships with everyone involved...Nick, Ridge, Eric,'s not only the Phoebe storyline that make this guy front-burner material, as I'm sure we'll see over the years."

Liana W. writes, I do not agree with the new plot you have for Bold and the Beautifuls Phoebe and Rick. They are stepbrother and sister. And even if they weren't, they are still cousins!

Julie Clark Robinson,
Editor for B&B and GH replies, "Liana, your "cousin" comment actually made me get out a pen and paper and do a family tree to figure out how Rick and Phoebe are cousins! Unless I'm missing something, they aren't. The best I can figure out is --- for the majority of their lives, they did THINK they were related. IF Eric was Ridge's dad (as everyone thought until fairly recently), Rick would have been Phoebe's half uncle. Rick would also have been the half uncle of Thorne's kids, Felicia's kids, Kristen's kids. BUT, Massimo squired Ridge and all bets are off for his kids. Technically, Rick can turn around and date Steffi too and not go to jail, squire two-headed babies or go down in history with Jerry Lee Lewis.

Here's where I stand: even though they aren't stepbrother and sister yet, they have been in the past. I'm trying to remember if -- during one of Ridge and Brooke's previous marriages -- the two "kids" were ever living under the same roof. I don't think so. The rapid aging syndrome in soaps always had Rick already grown-up and living with Amber, raising Eric Jr., while Phoebe, Steffi and Thomas were little - or not even born yet. Still, there must've been Christmas's, birthdays, etc, that were either on-camera or behind the scenes (in our minds) in which Brooke and Ridge gathered their families and Rick would've been a married man and Phoebe would've been a kid. If you imagine that far into soap "reality", then their current relationship is as creepy as Woody Alan and his blushing bride. But since B&B never truly showed all of this, AND they're not technically related, it's a more palatable to me. And, as Brooke says, "It won't last" anyway!"

Denna D. writes, I'm so TIRED of Ridge & Brooke, Now Taylor & Nick Yuck!!!!! Bring in some new actors, do something different.....It's getting old. Let Stephanie STAY AT HOME.........

Julie Clark Robinson, Editor for B&B and GH replies, "Ohh, you give me a great idea. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Stephanie would give Pam a run for her money? She could don an apron, burn a pot roast and rub Eric's feet at night. It would be very comedic to see just how unsuited she is as a domestic goddess. They could all have a good laugh and stop expecting her to change into something she clearly is not. And, as for your other wish, I'm pretty sure that Ashley Abbott will stir up the show but good. She's been on the back burner far too long on Y&R and if the B&B writers are smart and use her wisely, she could break all of the old cycles...let's keep our fingers crossed!"


Frank S writes, "My wife and I have been watching ATWT forever. However, frankly, we are talking about switching to another soap, as we are getting very frustrated about the following: We are only in our 50s and there are far too many story lines about pre teens and teens, unless you are planning on converting to an after school program format. Additionally, we do understand that some soap plots in general tend to get a little silly. However, the plot involving Katie and Brad is just too silly and downright ridiculous. From a marketing standpoint, our thinking begs the question as to how many others may just be feeling the same. Lastly, we do wish that you would reconsider restoring the old theme melody to the show. As a marketing expert, I think the show needs an endearing melody to embrace, the fact of which the current "presenting type melody" does not accomplish. We appreciate your consideration. Frank and Teena"

Misti Sandefur, Editor ATWT responds, "First, let me say I agree with you when you say there are too many teen storylines. I really enjoy watching Lisa and would like to see more of her as well as some of the other mature characters like Lucinda, Barbara, Nancy,
Bob and Susan. Finally, in regards to Katie and Brad, personally, I enjoy watching the two of them. I think they add excitement to show. Brad is so unpredictable, and when he's on, I often wonder what he'll do next to ruffle Katie's feathers."

Margie K. writes, "The recent storyline, writing and acting leave a lot to
be desired."

Misti Sandefur, Editor ATWT responds, "I have to disagree. I'm enjoying the show, and I think the actors are doing a wonderful job with what the writers have given them. The current storyline with Gwen, Maddie and Adam keeps me glued to my television. We have to keep in mind that this is the soap opera world, and without deceit and revenge,it wouldn't be a soap!"

Bev C writes, "With so many great characters to work with I can't believe you've got such a mixed up bunch of garbage and it is so boring that I keep erasing the recordings because they are just not worth watching. Now Maddie & Gwen have killed Adam and we have to go through another 3 months of drama over this stupid move. I could care less about Gwen's singing career or her Mother? Where in the world are you going with Emily being a "lady of the evening"? What a waste to have that sexy Dusty drifting from one unfinished relationship to another and none of them make any sense. This new character Brad "STINKS" BIG TIME!!!!!! The princess is o.k. but why not hook her up with Henry - he's great and I think the two of them could be quite a hoot! Where's Mike? The new Parker is o.k. but let's put the kiddies back in school and do something with the adults. I've been watching this show for 40 years and I miss it, but I really can't get into it - it's like none of it seems to be going anywhere and I'm bored with all of them."

Misti Sandefur, Editor ATWT responds, "I'm really loving the Maddie, Gwen and Adam storyline, but I do agree that they don't need to drag it out too long. As for Gwen's singing career, I think she has a beautiful voice and absolutely love hearing her sing on and off the show. Therefore, I would have to disagree with you on this one, because I want to see Gwen continue with her singing career. However, if Adam is alive, I don't think he should be her producer. In my opinion, she and Will should find her another producer and go from there. I do, however, agree with you on Emily's storyline. I don't like seeing Emily as a prostitute either. I wish they would let her go back to her usual job with the Intruder, and then maybe she and Dusty would grow closer. It would be nice to see Emily and Dusty as a couple. As I said in my response to Frank S., I like Brad's character because he's so unpredictable, and I think he adds a touch of humor to show. Yes, Henry and Vienna just may be a "hoot" together! Currently, it seems they have decided to pursue a relationship, and so far, I love watching them together. If Katie butts out, then maybe

Henry and Vienna may stay together for a while.

Mike is no longer on the show. He left Oakdale and the show back in January when he discovered the letter Simon sent to Katie."

Hope you've enjoyed yet another edition of "Your Opinion.... and ours!"

Christine Fix