Most Y&R fans are enjoying Paul's new love interest, Maggie!

AMC fans are in agreeance. We all want to bring Babe back!

Readers asked staff to give their opinions of what's going on in their stories. You've told us, "You're always listening to us. Let's hear what you've got to say!" We're game! Here is what you had to say about these four randomly selected soaps, All My Children, Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live and Y&R:

All My Children

Danielle G writes, "I will never watch All My Children again unless they bring Babe back. I and a lot of my friends will stop watching! There have been too many deaths lately, and Babe shouldn't be one of them. I like Babe's character. Although she's flaky, she's sweet. I like her and JR together. I hate the thought of her dying & JR angry with her because she's flaky and keeps getting caught giving Josh a goodbye kiss time and time again. It is Josh's fault that Babe is dead and was unhappy, yet JR is getting blamed. Keep her on the show or they will lose at least a dozen loyal fans! They shouldn't treat Fans like they're idiots."

Kristi (AMC Editor) writes, "Well, first, we can't say for sure that Babe is dead. Rumors are circulating that at least one character will come back from the dead - and that could definitely be Babe, who is still under contract with AMC. I enjoy Babe on the show; I think she adds a touch of sweetness and a lot of backbone. Once she has made a decision she seems to stick with it, even if the decision hurts her. For instance, she didn't cave in to JR over little A's custody. If she comes back, I think we'll continue seeing the Babe we know and love. I also think we will begin seeing a new side of JR over the next few weeks. He is obviously struggling with what he did to Babe. I don't think the evil JR will go away forever, but I do think we'll see a little bit of his softer side as he deals with guilt over Babe's death. Will JR and Babe get back together? I have no idea, but I'd love to see them interacting - in love or hate! - again soon."

Days of our Lives:

Terri W. writes, "I think Sammy should be pregnant with being Lucas's and the other being EJ's! What do ya think?"

Chrissi (Editor-in-Chief and Days of Our Lives Editor) writes, "I agree completely! While I want Sami to have some happiness for once, I do think that in order to further the storyline it would be a great idea to have Sami give birth to twins. Perhaps one of the kids would turn out bad and the other, good! It would make for tons of interesting future storylines!"

Florence L. explains, "I don't think what you're doing to Shawn and Belle is fair. That guy Phil is not the father and should have no say in the matter no matter what his father stands for. As for EJ, I think his time is running out. I have no idea where you get your writers from but they do a lousy job in scripts trying to break up a family like taking Shawn and Belle's baby away from them. I guess your writers do not have family values."

Chrissi (Editor-in-Chief and Days of Our Lives Editor) writes, "Life isn't fair and sometimes our soaps aren't fair either. I hear ya! I agree that Phil needs to move on. Since he has come back from the war, it appears as though he has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (not to be confused with the disorder!). We'll get to see a Shawn and Belle reunion soon... we just have to hang in there! As for the writers,I can't speak for them, but I have to say that if they only wrote sweet, kind and considerate storylines, we'd probably all be bored stiff!!"

Young and The Restless:

Gabby B. writes: I have been watching both Y & R and B & B since its induction, yes you can say I am indeed hooked, TG for DVR. I feel so connected with all the characters. Yes I do have a life, a job and a family. In your comings and goings section of Y & R, there hasn't been much said about the officer "Maggie". Will she be staying? I like her character and she's good for Paul.

Amy (OLTL and Y&R Editor) writes: I agree! I think it's high time that Paul finds some happiness again. Being in the field he's in, what better woman to give him it than a pretty cop :)

Tammy P. writes: I have always loved Y&R but now I am soooo bored with all of it. Quit dragging out the story lines. Enough already I can't stand watching it anymore!!!!!!

Amy (OLTL and Y&R Editor) writes: I hear this all the time from viewers. While we get discouraged with the storylines from time to time, think of it this way... Soaps are on five days a week. Therefore they need to drag the stories out, to some extent, to give it a real life feel. Let's face it, most high profile murder cases take a while to solve :)

One Life To Live

Lucy S. writes: I don't know what you are doing with Wed 2/14/07 Valentine's Day episode but it is really dumb and makes no sense. I have been watching this show since it started and if there are more of these no nonsense shows I just might stop. I am sure a lot of other fans feel the same.

Amy (OLTL and Y&R Editor) writes: I have to disagree. It made perfect sense to celebrate the day with this special episode :) Seeing as the show is on daily, I think it was a nice touch to give us a little fantasy within the fiction of Llanview. Now if the show was only on once a week, then I'd have a different opinion.