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Kelley Hensley (Emily ATWT) Always in trouble!

Emily Harper (Fancy) rape storyline upsets viewers. readers and daytime viewers tell us what's on their mind! There isn't always a middle ground. We've found that with regards to storylines, viewers are either for it or against it! Feel free to tell us how you feel! Contact Us!

All My Children:

For it: From: Karen W.: I think the show is getting really good and interesting! Keep up the drama and suspense!

Against it: From: Phyllis H.: I am a 65 year old mother of two and have watched All my children since it came out or at least as long as I can remember and want to tell you how disappointed we are with the Zarf storyline. You are destroying your show.

As The World Turns:

For it: From: Lisa R: I love ATWT and have watched it since I was 11. I like the Craig and Meg storyline and think this new Craig is great, even though I miss Hunt Block! Keep up the great work ATWT! You have a viewer for life.

Against it: From: Emma W.: How many times does Emily have to be in trouble and not pay the price? Her ongoing methods of lying, deceit, not being a good mother, not being a good friend, not being a good daughter goes on and on. Please don't let Dusty fall for her. He was against her at one point and I really like his way of thinking problems through. Surely there is somebody in Oakdale he can give his wonderful mind, smile (which he doesn't do too often, and he has a slim body which is appealing. Emily is not good enough for him. Paul is another person that wears me out. His ongoing tantrums are a little childish.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

For it: From: Kathy P.: I will truly miss seeing that spunky, energetic red head, Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) on the show. She will truly be missed by all. God Bless Her and her family. Gone but not forgotten!

Against it: From: Lisa H.: Your story lines are depressing. Not something I need right now. They were pretty good up till now. You have just lost a viewer.

Days of our Lives:

For it: From: Nick V.: I am a big time fan of this show. This is the only soap I like and I have been watching it for the past 10 years. I love it! There is nothing about this show that is bad!

Against it: From: Carol P.: Where is Days going? I thought the new writer was going to stop all this crazy stuff and go back to real soap stories! Please get it together! First you bring back old favorites then you let them go! Then bring new characters (Willow, Connor, etc) that we could do with out!

General Hospital:

For it: From: Jennifer S.: I am loving this "24" deal on GH right now. I only hope Robin doesn't die. Thanks for bringing us a great show!

Against it: From: Kei B.: A lot of people really don't want Jason and Elisabeth to be together. We don't want her to have Jason's child. We want Sam and Jason to be together. If you put Elisabeth and Jason together you will lose a lot of viewers. I don't like Elisabeth. She's a miss goodie, but she's always sleeping with someone else's man,

Guiding Light:

For it: From: Irene L.: I can relate to Jon and Tammy. I married my cousin 54 years ago. We are still in love and very happy.

For it: From: Wanda D.: Thank you for keeping me interested this past year and a half. My husband died two days after Katrina hit. I was with him for 30 yrs. My home was damaged badly and I had to move. But though all of it I was able to watch Guiding Light and it made me laugh so I thank you for your storylines being difficult so I wouldn't think of my own problems. I have been watching Guiding Light since I was 4 yrs old with my grandmother. So I can't find the place to say what my light is but after last year I have to say guiding light was. It helped me make it though a very hard time. Keep on keeping on I enjoy your show and all the actors and actresses. I love ya all, I feel like you guys are kind of family. You're wonderful!

Against it: From: Stephanie B: Don't drag this storyline on like Reva's cancer to get your ratings back to number 1. Let Josh turn to Reva for support and wind up in bed. This will get the true GL fans back-plus the ratings.

One Life To Live:

For it: From Jill K: I love OLTL more than anything and I want Jessica and Nash together. I love the John and Nat storyline and I love what a great job you did with them reuniting. I want to see a wedding. What a love story! It reminds me of old Bo and Hope stuff on Days of our Lives.

Against it: I'm sick of the whole John and Natalie thing. He really bugs me and should have treated Natalie right from the start.


FFor it: From: Tammy L.: I hope that when the show is cancelled that it will be back on really quick. I love the show so much. I hope Ethan and Theresa can be together.

Against it: From: Darlene T.: For those who have been raped and stalked afterwards, they think that Passions has gone too far dragging out such a horrific thing. It is really chipping away the credibility of the soap. With how it is in today's world this story is more common than over the top. I feel it pushes more of the viewers away. They should wrap the story and start on the aftermath of rape and the mental Obsessive Compulsive side that rape victims have for security. I am very disappointed with the soap. I feel sorry for the actors who will be out of a job if the show tanks!

The Young and the Restless:

For it: From: Cynthia B.: I have watched your show every day that it has been on the air. Now you know my age and I think it's the best soap ever. My grandmother watched it until she died in 1990. Although I don't care for the Shelia return, I love everything else. One forever a loving fan.

Against it: From: Helen A.: I have been watching Y&R for many years and always loved it. Something is changed, its so bad now, makes no sense any more. You need to get better writers and get some real people again. Remember other people watch besides teenagers. I miss my favorite show.

Christine Fix