One Life to Live's Eddie Alderson shares update in lymphoma treatment image

Eddie Alderson diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Updated Thursday July 13: Actor Eddie Alderson (Matthew "OLTL") has had a challenging road ahead of him since he was diagnosed with Lymphoma in November of 2016. The actor has tried not to let his diagnosis get him down and has been treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma with rounds of chemotherapy. Alderson posted an update on Instagram, with a selfie of him shaving his head and a caption that reads, "My journey continues on~ I started stronger chemo a few weeks back, but nothing is getting me down. Chemo may take my hair but it will never take my spirits or positive state of mind. Feeling great, actually shot an 86 today on the golf course today, not too bad 😎. One thing is for certain, there is #NoSurrender in me. Never." Alderson is an inspiration to us all. He's been spending time with family and friends in between treatment and appears in good spirits. 

On Friday November 16 reported that “One Life to Live” alum Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan, 2005 to 2012) was diagnosed with Lymphoma on Friday November 11. The actor shared the news via Instagram and stated that he would begin treatment in the coming days. Later his sister Kristen Alderson ("One Life to Live's" Starr Manning; "General Hospital's" ex-Kiki Jerome) shared that he'd been officially diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is very treatable. Back in August Alderson’s former co-star Kassie DePaiva opened up about her fight with Leukemia. sends the actor our best during this difficult time.

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- Christine Fix