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Coming up in primetime television. has some leaked "Game of Thrones" teasers for the week of February 9 as well as confirmation surrounding Bruce Jenner's alleged transition, pregnancy news, Primetime Emmys date, spoilers, casting and more in our latest Primetime Dish column…

In the CW's Wednesday February 11 8:00 PM episode titled "Canaries," tensions quickly escalate in the lair when the changes within Team Arrow become apparent. Oliver warns Laurel to stop risking her life as the Black Canary. Vertigo drugs Laurel, who hallucinates an epic battle between Canary and Black Canary. Thea receives a surprise from Chase, and Roy delivers a warning regarding Malcolm.

First look! Also, check out The Atom costume above, which Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh, "One Life to Live's" ex-Seth) will premiere on February 25 in the episode titled "Nanda Parbat."

Bruce Jenner's Docuseries:
Though an airdate has yet to be set, and the project is still in the early stages, the E! Network will air a docuseries surrounding Bruce Jenner's journey and transition into a woman. People has confirmed the transition, with the docuseries to air when the time is right for the former Olympic star. Stay tuned for more details as they are released.

Cougar Town:
On TBS' Tuesday February 10 episode titled "The Wrong Thing to do," Jules coaches Andy for his upcoming job interview. Grayson beats Ellie to Bobbie's boat in hopes of finding an escape, and there are disastrous results when Travis and Laurie urge Tom to date.

Devious Maids:
"Glee" star Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) has been cast in a recurring role as the latest maid, Bianca, in Lifetime's upcoming season three. Though Bianca's new job seems to be ideal, the discovery of a secret could very well change her life forever. Stay tuned for the series' return date.

Downton Abbey:
In PBS' Sunday February 8 9:00 PM episode, Anna and Bates' secrets are at risk of being revealed. Violet's new maid brings a dramatic realization, and excitement and heartache rock the Yorkshire country estate.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan ("Magic City") has been cast as a series regular to play JD Richter, a roguish womanizer, cop of the future and a mercenary/bounty hunter. His character is described as free-wheeling, hard-drinking, fearless and borderline reckless with nothing to lose. Though he thought life had shown him everything, JD thinks differently when Molly Woods (Halle Berry) appears. Season two of the CBS series premieres this summer.

Game of Thrones:
Leaked teasers! In the video below, IMAX previews a little teaser of the HBO series' upcoming season five, which premieres on April 12. However, last week the theaters aired a more detailed version, which was leaked to the internet, as given through this commentary contributed by's Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix:

Littlefinger said to Sansa: "There's no justice in this world. Not unless we make it… avenge them."

A bearded Tyrion emerged from a crate, bruised but unbroken.

Margaery and Tommen were seen holding hands in front of their subjects.

Aria was seen standing with 'Needle', the sword.

Daenerys Targaryen said, "I'm not going to stop the wheel. I'm going to break the wheel."

A conversation between Varys and Tyrion:

Varys: "The seven kingdoms need a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and the right family name."

Tyrion: "Good luck finding him."

Varys: "Who said anything about him?"

In FOX's Friday February 13 8:00 PM episode titled "Transitioning," Will misses the camaraderie of New Directions and tries to coach his kids on tolerance. Rachel is at risk of losing her family memories after her childhood home is sold. Sam leads an intervention to help Rachel. Sue welcomes Sheldon back to McKinley, and old memories return for Blaine and Kurt.

In FOX's Monday February 9 8:00 PM episode titled "The Scarecrow," Gordon and Bullock work to stop a biology teacher who harvests parts of his victims. Maroni's plan for the Penguin could be at risk at the hands of Falcone. Mooney wants more power, and Bruce sets out on a dangerous journey.

Grey's Anatomy:
Read our Grey's Anatomy Spoilers to find out who must face a difficult decision in ABC's Thursday February 12 8:00 PM episode titled "All I Could do was cry." posts recaps after each episode airs.

Jane the Virgin:
It's all about letting things go in the CW's February 9 9:00 PM episode titled "Chapter Thirteen." Monday episode teasers: Jane and Rafael find out the sex of the baby but a medical issue could cause Jane to miss graduation. Alba is too embarrassed to talk about what's going on with her, and Michael works to capture Sin Rostro.

TVLine has learned that Rob Mayes ("The Client List") has landed a regular role on the ABC series. His character Mark is described as a ruggedly handsome thirty-something free spirit who will be involved in a bromance with Harry (Brett Tucker). Also, get details on "Y&R's" (Adam Newman) Justin Hartley's return to Mistresses and stay tuned for season three's premiere date.

Openly gay actor Kyle Dean Massey ("Peter Rabbit") has been cast in the recurring role of a gay country singer named Kevin Bicks. It's safe to say that his character's arrival will cause some issues in regards to Chris Carmack's character, Will Lexington, who still hasn't come out as a gay man in the business. Tune in to ABC Wednesdays at 10:00 PM.

New Girl:
Zooey Deschanel, who stars as Jess in the FOX series, and fiancé Jacob Pechenik are making plans to welcome their first child together come summer. However, don't expect her pregnancy to be written into the show's storyline, as the network confirmed to TVLine that they have no plans of doing so. Tune in for new episodes Tuesdays at 9:00 PM.

Primetime Emmy Awards:
This year's 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony will air on Sunday September 20 at 8:00 PM live on FOX. The awards honor those for excellence within various areas of television and emerging media. Daytime fans, in case you miss them view the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Pre-Nominations.

Pretty Little Liars:
Read's Pretty Little Liars Spoilers to find out who helps Johnny with a new project in ABC Family's Tuesday February 10 8:00 PM episode titled "Out, Damned Spot."

In the CW's Thursday February 12 9:00 PM episode titled "The end of Mourning," Mary is forced to confront her feelings for Condé. Catherine is in the center of a romantic triangle. Narcisse commits a hideous act, and Greer is faced with something she never fathomed in order to survive.

The ABC series will not be seen on Sunday February 15. Read's Revenge Spoilers to find out when the show will be back with new episodes and stay tuned for more spoilers to come.

Safety not Guaranteed:
On Friday February 13 at 8:00 PM the CW will air the 2012 movie starring Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation") and Jake Johnson ("High School USA"). The movie surrounds a magazine intern and her two coworkers who interview a man looking for a travel companion and the discovery of a possible time machine.

In ABC's Thursday February 12 9:00 PM episode titled "Full Circle," Olivia won't be able to stay one step ahead of her captures for long. Jake, Huck and Quinn seek out an old friend's help, and Cyrus is forced to take matters into his own hands after Fitz is pushed too far.

There's a ghostly connection in the CW's February 10 9:00 PM episode titled "Halt and Catch Fire." Tuesday episode teasers: A ghost uses various electronic devices to kill people. Sam and Dean can't figure out how the ghost is killing college students and rush to prevent more murders.

The 100:
In the CW's Wednesday February 11 9:00 PM episode titled "Rubicon," Clarke crosses the line, which escalates tension with Abby. Raven and Bellamy find their way along Mount Weather. Jaha and Murphy come across a mysterious stranger, and Octavia will stop at nothing for someone she loves.

The Casual Vacancy:
Miniseries! The HBO miniseries and BBC adaptation of J.K. Rowling's bestselling novel The Casual Vacancy will premiere with back to back episodes (Parts One and Two) on Wednesday April 29 at 8:00 PM. Part Three will air the following evening, Thursday April 30 at 8:00 PM. The cast includes Michael Gambon (as Howard Mollison), Keeley Hawes (Samantha Mollison), Rory Kinnear (Barry Fairbrother), Monica Dolan (Tess Wall), Julia McKenzie (Shirley Mollison) and Abigail Lawrie (Krystal Weedon), as the story follows the seemingly idyllic English village of Pagford and the struggles among its residents.

The Flash:
In the CW's Tuesday February 10 8:00 PM episode titled "The Nuclear Man," Barry and the team go after Caitlin's dangerous meta-human fiancé and seek out Dr. Martin Stein for help. Barry has a hard time balancing his duties as The Flash and his relationship with Linda Park. Joe and Cisco look into the case surrounding Nora Allen's murder, and General Eiling returns to Central City.

The Originals:
Read The Originals Spoilers to find out who joins forces with someone from their past, what has Elijah fighting for his life and more in the CW's Monday February 9 8:00 PM episode titled "The Devil is Damned."

The Vampire Diaries:
Read our The Vampire Diaries Spoilers to learn who spends their last day in Mystic Falls, who turns to Damon for help and more in the CW's Thursday February 12 8:00 PM episode titled "Stay."

Watch the video below for a Q&A with Michael Trevino (Tyler) who shares, "There's definitely a lot of hot sauce…"

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