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Classic soap.

Updated on December 22:

Starting today, fans can watch episodes of "The Doctors" in the evening as well, as the network will also air past episodes weeknights at 9:00 PM.

Updated on August 28:

The soap will begin airing twice a day with back to back episodes beginning at 12:00 PM on Monday September 29.

Updated on August 15:

Retro TV shared this video preview for their upcoming re-airing of the daytime soap. Stay tuned for the premiere date.

Updated on July 22:

Reruns will begin with episodes from the 1967 season, the first of which were produced in color. Though no premiere date has been released, as of now there are plans to air back to back episodes in the afternoon Monday through Friday. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

Previously reported on July 16:

"The Doctors," an NBC soap opera that aired from April 1, 1963 to December 31, 1982, will return to television on Retro TV later this year. Luken Communications' Vice President of Production Matthew Golden stated, "'The Doctors' is one of the greatest examples of the soap opera format in its prime, loved by critics and audiences alike. We're thrilled to return this classic series to the air, and bring its exciting, engaging storylines back to our audience's daily lives."

Stay tuned for more details as the staff of Hope Memorial Hospital and the town of Madison make its way back into the homes of many. Visit My Retro TV to see if your area's provider carries the channel and visit's Soap Opera History: The Doctors for storyline refreshers, stars of the show and trivia.

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- Amy Mistretta