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A week's worth of drama in a day.

Ridge professed his love for Katie to Brooke on "B&B." Sami told EJ that Abby was pregnant on "Days." AJ cleared Julian on "GH," and Stitch was called a murderer on "Y&R."

Read our excerpts and highlights from last week's episodes, which can be found in full in's Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Ally and Pam objected to Wyatt being involved in Stephanie's jewel collection. Eric gave the go-ahead then privately warned Ally to respect his decision as well as Hope and Wyatt's relationship. After Ally tricked Charlie into admitting Wyatt created the diamond heist as a publicity stunt, Hope refused to allow Ally to call the police. Ally believed Wyatt had Hope brainwashed and rushed out to make sure he paid. Quinn caught up with Ally on the Forrester Bridge and held her against the railing. Ally got away, ran to Eric and spilled the secret in a rage. Elsewhere, Brooke was stunned when Ridge admitted he loved Katie. She believed Ridge pitied Katie, who wanted revenge against her, and called their connection sick and disgusting. Donna couldn't believe the news as well and agreed with Brooke… Ridge always ended up back with her. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out what Ridge and Katie talked about in regards to their future.

Days of our Lives:
After Sami told EJ Abby might be pregnant, he met with Abby, who had a nightmare EJ made her get an abortion. Though she refused to see his doctor, EJ vowed to stand by her and later got stuck outside on a window ledge doing just that. Jordan ultimately couldn't leave Salem - or Rafe. Sonny met with Victor, who offered to handle Nick if Sonny needed him to. Elsewhere, Eric informed Nicole he didn't want to have sex outside of marriage. Hope gave Marlena a device to locate Chyka. Once Stefano set up a Skype chat, Chyka told Marlena he'd left evidence behind at the cottage with Nicole. Stefano caught Marlena plugging the device into his computer, destroyed it and warned she'd pay. Marlena turned to John in a panic but quickly backtracked. After Stefano alerted Nicole, she confronted Marlena, who was forced to admit to Eric she'd gone looking for evidence against Nicole. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to hear how Nicole reacted when Daniel confronted her with the 'pieced together' evidence.

General Hospital:
Many questioned Luke's strange behavior and wondered what happened to him at Miscavige. Kevin went to Scott for answers and found Lucy at his house. While Nathan warned Sam she could be Silas' next victim, Nina's mother paid Silas a visit. Madeline refused to tell Silas where Nina was then went to see Nathan. Liz ran into Nik and agreed to attend his wedding with Ric as her date. Elsewhere, Obrecht reminded Brit that Nik wouldn't take kindly to being a stepfather to his sister's child. Britt vowed Nik would never find out and eavesdropped as Lulu admitted to Nik she dreamed Ben was hers. While Duke gave Sonny an alibi to Anna, Sonny informed Michael Julian had been found standing over AJ. AJ opened his eyes, uttered 'no' when asked if Julian shot him then seized. Anna released Julian. Ava tried to finish AJ off but was scared away when he grabbed her. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps to find out what Patrick told Monica and Michael about AJ's options.

The Young And The Restless:
After Sharon and Nick made love, she found 'Cassie' in her house. They talked of Phyllis knowing her secret then Sharon grabbed 'Cassie' and screamed for Nick. 'Cassie' knocked Sharon unconscious and told Victor Phyllis knew Sharon's secret and that Sharon was sleeping with Nick. Sharon had another run-in with 'Cassie' in Genoa City, realized she was real and told Nick someone else must be buried in Cassie's grave. Victor and Chelsea questioned a homeless man, who claimed to have seen a man walk away from the fiery wreckage. Later, Chelsea found Jeffrey wearing Adam's suit and called him a poor excuse for a father. Kevin and Chloe married at the jail in order for her to be released into a relative's care. After Vikki went to Avery wanting to divorce Billy, Victor asked her to bring Johnny and move into the ranch. All the while, Jack offended Kelly by writing her a check to stay away from Billy. Read The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to hear how Stitch reacted when Kelly called him a murderer.

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