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Coming up in Primetime Television. has a new CW series for the week of March 10, plus cancellations, renewals, interviews, a newly engaged couple teams up on screen, episode teasers, casting and more in our latest Primetime Dish column…

2 Broke Girls:
Lindsay Lohan ("Scary Movie 5") will guest star in the CBS series on Monday April 14. Look for her to appear as a soon-to-be-bride named Claire Guinness who asks Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) to make her wedding cake. Max and Caroline soon realize that Claire is very indecisive. The series airs Mondays at 8:30 PM.

On Wednesday March 12 at 8:00 PM the CW will air a repeat of its February 5 episode titled "Heir To The Demon." Don't miss the season finale on Wednesday May 14.

Beauty And The Beast:
In the CW's new Monday March 10 9:00 PM episode titled "About Last Night," Catherine and Vincent set out to revisit a past romantic destination.

Being Mary Jane:
Renewed! BET has green-lighted its freshman series starring Gabrielle Union for season two.

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey:
Interview! sat in on a conference call with host Neil deGrasse Tyson and writer/executive producer/director Ann Druyan of FOX's upcoming American documentary television series. When asked if the series will touch base on the subject of intelligent life outside of our solar system Druyan replied, "Yes. Of course. That's one of the most compelling subjects in science and you know we've only been going at this scientifically for about 70 years, so we're still very new to this subject as a species, but, yes, we have an episode that comes later in the series. It's episode 11, and it's a kind of meditation on immortality and on the potential we have to link up with other civilizations." Tyson added, "I would say in the early days, now, about 30/40 years ago when people would mention the search for life, it almost was synonymous with the search for intelligent life, aliens, basically, and some people felt it was fringy to think that way. Others felt it was what we should be doing, but what has emerged out of that is an entire cottage industry of the search for life of any kind at all without specific reference to whether it's what we would call intelligent and so experiments were devised." Tune in for the premiere of the 13-episode special on Sunday March 9 at 9:00 PM. Hear more from Druyan, Tyson and others involved in the project through the video below.

Cougar Town:
In TBS' March 11 10:00 PM episode titled "Too Good To Be True," Andy starts doing stand-up comedy at Coffee Bucks after Travis announces an open-mic. Tom's daughter surprises him with a visit and the idea that he's much cooler than he thinks he is.

Read's Dallas Spoilers to find out what Christopher uncovers about someone's past in TNT's Monday March 10 9:00 PM episode titled "Playing Chicken."

Visit our Glee Spoilers to find out about the latest competition in FOX's Tuesday March 11 8:00 PM episode titled "City Of Angels."

Grey's Anatomy:
Read our Grey's Anatomy Spoilers to hear what happens as a result of the hospital's non-fraternization rule in ABC's Thursday March 13 9:00 PM episode titled "Throwing It All Away."

Hart Of Dixie:
The CW will air the series finale on Friday May 16.

Pretty Little Liars:
Read's Pretty Little Liars Spoilers to learn who the Liars focus their suspicions on in ABC Family's Tuesday March 11 episode titled " Unbridled."

In the CW's Thursday March 13 9:00 PM episode titled "Dirty Laundry," Mary returns from her honeymoon and uncovers a ruse that changes everything. Bash goes to Nostradamus for help after finding a confused and terrified Olivia, and King Henry is forced to ask for Queen Catherine's help. Mark your calendars for the season finale on Thursday May 15.

Read's Revenge Spoilers to find out what causes Emily issues when the ABC series returns from winter break on Sunday March 9 with the episode titled "Payback." As a reminder, the show will now air at 10:00 PM.

Single Ladies:
Canceled. After three seasons VH1 has canceled its series and will air the final episode on Monday March 24. The show starred former soap stars Denise Vasi ("All My Children's" ex-Randi) and Terrell Tilford ("One Life To Live's" ex-Greg).

In the CW's March 10 8:00 PM episode titled "And Left No Friendly Drop," after the sector guards ransack Roman's family's pod, his mother shows him a secret cell phone she found hidden in his late father's things. Julia introduces Roman to a tech genius named Lukas. Tension brews between Emery and Julia. Emery isn't sure she can trust Grayson. Sophia joins the swim team and stuns everyone with her talent. An all-out brawl ensues, and Drake receives a mission from The Trags. The season finale will air on Monday May 12.

On March 11 at 9:00 PM the CW will air a repeat of its February 4 episode titled "The Purge." Make a note of the series finale date, Tuesday May 20.

The Good Wife:
Jill Hennessy ("Luck") will guest star as Rayna Hecht in the March 16 episode titled "A Few Words." Tune in to CBS for new episodes beginning at 9:00 PM on Sunday March 9.

The Originals:
On Tuesday March 11 at 8:00 PM the CW will air a new episode titled "Farewell To Storyville." Read The Original Spoilers to find out who trades accusations, who connects and more! This episode will repeat on Friday March 7 at 9:00 PM, and the season finale will air on Tuesday May 13.

The Oscars:
Winners! For those who missed last Sunday night's ceremony to celebrate the best in the film industry view this year's The Oscar winners.

The Simpsons:
Interview! During a conference call with Al Jean (executive producer) when asked about the upcoming LEGO episode he shared, "It's a terrific episode written by Brian Kelley, who, a long while ago, said, 'What would happen if Homer basically, in his imagination, went into a world of LEGO?' And there's a reason that he does, and a reason that he prefers it. We contacted the LEGO Company to see if they would authorize it, and its animation that looks like LEGO CGI for much of the show, and there's some regular Simpsons animation, and it's a really beautiful blend, and it's going to be the 550th episode airing in May. It's been in the works a long time; about a year and a half on our end." Tune in Sundays at 8:00 PM on FOX.

The Tomorrow People:
On Wednesday March 12 at 9:00 PM the CW will air a repeat of its January 22 episode titled "The Rumble." Also take note, as the season finale will air on Monday May 5.

The Vampire Diaries:
Repeat! It's all about doing the honorable thing in the CW's Thursday March 13 8:00 PM episode titled "The Devil Inside." View The Vampire Diaries Spoilers to see who receives a gruesome present, who's forced to save themselves and more! Don't forget, the season finale airs on Thursday May 15.

Supernatural spin-off! The CW spin-off set to debut on Tuesday April 29 has cast a major player. Sean Faris ("Pretty Little Liars") will play a werewolf named Julian Durant. The series will follow supernatural families who run the streets of Chicago and are at risk of being stopped by a Hunter.

Two And A Half Men:
Mila Kunis ("That 70s Show") will appear in an upcoming guest role opposite her fiancé Ashton Kutcher. Look for her to play a world traveler named Vivian. Though Walden (Kutcher) immediately feels as though Vivian is 'the one', she couldn't have appeared at a worse time since he is about to propose to someone else. Stayed tuned for her appearance, as the CBS series airs Thursdays at 9:01 PM.

Under The Dome:
New season! The CBS series began production on season two on Monday March 3 in Wilmington, North Carolina. The first episode was written by best-selling author Stephen King, who also wrote the books based on the series, and was directed by executive producer Jack Bender. Tune in Monday June 30 at 10:00 PM for the season premiere. Watch the video below to see the cast's reaction to King's response about tweeting - from his typewriter!

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