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A week's worth of drama in a day.

Brooke identified the man in the photos with Ridge on "B&B." Percy and Nick formed an alliance on "Days." Lulu noticed a connection between Dante and Ben on "GH," and Carmine helped Michael on "Y&R."

Read our excerpts and highlights from last week's episodes, which can be found in full in's Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Rick was disgusted to hear Wyatt faked the jewel heist and suggested Hope terminate his contract. Liam was stunned to hear that Hope agreed to give Wyatt one more chance at work and with her. Hope warned Wyatt not to lie to her again then they made love. Though Wyatt warned Quinn to stop interfering, she called Ally, claimed Liam needed her and helped her get ready to go meet him. They spent time together at Bikini Bar, but Liam was still fixated on Hope. At Forrester, Brooke recognized the man in the photos with Ridge as his protégé and refused to believe Bill's theory that Ridge was gay. All the while, Katie and Ridge's attraction grew. Donna suspected a new guy had something to do with Katie's good mood. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out what Liam witnessed between Ridge and Katie, who admitted they were feeling something between them.

Days of our Lives:
Brady stole Daniel's apartment key and drank there while he was out of town. Theresa arrived and became irked when Brady claimed Daniel still had a thing for Jenn. She went to the hospital store and cashed the planted check with a fake ID under Abby's name. JJ revealed the set-up and showed Theresa a video of the illegal transaction. He warned if he went down so would she. Nicole and Daniel captured Chyka in a remote cabin, where Daniel injected him with truth serum. Chyka admitted he met Kristen through Stefano, who backed him financially, and that he created the drug used on Eric. Stefano's thug busted in, struggled with Daniel over a gun and a shot fired. Back in Salem, EJ and Abby had sex in the gym's shower. When Sami appeared in the locker-room and called out to EJ, Abby hid until he got rid of Sami. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to hear how Nick made it appear to Kate that Percy had pulled him from the river and to learn what Kate found after breaking into Jordan's apartment.

General Hospital:
Dante managed to shoot Franco, as Kiki helped him escape his cell. Kiki was jailed and berated by Michael for siding with Franco. Franco found Heather's grave empty and went to Scott for help. After a talk with Michael, AJ had a flashback and believed Ava had killed Connie. At Wyndemere, Lulu was surprised Ben shared all of Dante's allergies. When Liz heard, she confronted Felix about Ben being Dante's son and convinced him to collect their DNA for a test. Patrick received a surprise too when Sabrina admitted he was her baby's father. Elsewhere, Victor showed Robin a DVD, convincing her Jason was alive. He claimed she could save Jason if she saved Helena and Stavros and ordered her to make an excuse to leave Port Charles. Later, Patrick told Robin about Sabrina's baby. Carly broke free and lunged at Heather in the catacombs before a wall collapsed on them. When Heather came to she revived Carly in order to kill her on her own terms. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps to find out why Alexis and Sam became suspicious of Nathan and how Julian reacted to Lucas being gay.

The Young And The Restless:
Carmine admitted to Michael the FBI granted him protection for turning evidence against Womack and patched him up when he was shot. Michael agreed not to tell Womack if Carmine helped him and later produced a video of Carmine proving he was alive. Fen was set free. Billy returned home, and everyone believed Adam had gone over the cliff in the fiery wreck. As Billy insisted to Vikki Adam wasn't alive, Adam's bloodied hand moved somewhere in the snow. Meanwhile, Stitch realized Kelly had slept with Billy and confronted her. Jill returned to Genoa City married to Colin. She acted happy in front of others but privately seethed at him for blackmailing her into marriage in order for her to get home to Billy. Cane punched Colin and warned him away from his family. Ian ran into Summer at the club and offered to help her 'find her way'. While Nick and Dylan reached a truce with plans to ward off Ian, Noah caught Courtney handcuffing a guy in the park. Read The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to learn how Noah reacted when Courtney admitted she was an undercover cop.

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