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Tina kisses Rob. (ITV)

Not a merry Christmas for all. (BBC)

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It's time for Roy's driving test on "Coronation Street." Dot is horrified by how she has been deceived on "EastEnders." Harriet's nativity scene causes problems on "Emmerdale." And Ruby tries experimenting with Trevor on "Hollyoaks."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Carla and Peter are back in Weatherfield and Tina is not thrilled to see them together. She tries to arouse Peter's jealousy by turning to Rob, something which can also help her get back at her old enemy, Tracy. Carla catches them at it and wonders whether or not she should rat her brother out. She does tip Peter off about it. After she has to break a date to go to Simon's nativity play, Carla suggests that Tina take her place. Tina reluctantly agrees and Peter confronts her about kissing Rob.

Kylie's antics get on Gail's nerves. So much so that Gail decides to call a family meeting to lay down the law. Kylie's not thrilled by this and continues to misbehave, causing a scene at Max's play. Meanwhile, Julie's family crowds around her as she deals with Brian's betrayal. She contemplates whether or not she can take him back, but, by the end of the week, he's leaving town.

Spoiler alert: While Carol is contemplating how she really feels about David, he's left wondering how he really feels about Janine after Joey tells him something he didn't really want to hear. As David ponders his future and whether or not he has enough charm to get Janine back, he's suddenly given a jolt when some bad memories swim back during a visit to Pat's grave.

Tina and Shirley start to make plans for the holiday, knowing that they will both be broke. Tina's scheme to cheer her friend up goes sideways pretty fast when Linda shows up. She and Shirley quickly get back into their own battles. Finally, Shirley is left facing a ghost from her past. Meanwhile, Peter gets called out the second he steps back into Walford. Lola is sure that he wants to end things with her.

Lacey Turner is returning to the cast of "EastEnders." She will be reprising the role of Stacey Branning early next year. Turner left the soap three years ago.

Spoiler alert: Things get sour between Jai and Charity. After she warns him about Noah, he starts making demands that leave her disturbed. She decides it is time to get some revenge on Jai. When she does, he's left furious but does his best not to let on. Meanwhile, Priya winds up getting hurt when she's the last person to find out that David and Alicia have announced their engagement.

Butler's gets busy when a truck load of visitors show up. Moria is left dealing with the tension at the place, which is only made worse thanks to James and Zak. Across the village, Pollard is appalled when he finds out that Kerry is trying to get back at Val. The two women end up fighting over tinsel until a truce is finally declared. And Robbie and Katie start to think that something is wrong with Declan. The fact that he has gone missing with a shotgun is a big clue.

Spoiler alert: The battle over Darren goes into overdrive. When Sienna realizes he's inching toward getting back with Nancy, she decides to up the ante in the competition. This throws all of their lives into chaos. Darren doesn't know what to do. John Paul is having some romantic problems of his own. He continues having a secret affair but is soon the victim of a revenge plan. He's not the only one to be shocked. Peri's family can hardly believe what happens at the Christmas concert.

While Danny faces being outed for his infidelity, Phoebe is busy trying to decide whether she should be jealous or not. She and George manage to make friends with Robbie, but he could end up doing them more harm than good. Meanwhile, Patrick is miserable and Dodger tries to ease someone's pain, but that may be hard since he's not exactly forgiving. And Ste worries about whether or not he can really bond with his sister, which proves to be a very annoying topic for Sam.

Take a peek at what happens when Sienna's plans fall apart on "Hollyoaks."

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: This year's "Home and Away" season finale aired on Wednesday November 27. It will be back in the new year.

Spoiler alert: This year's "Neighbours" season finale airs on December 6. It will be back in the new year.

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