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A week's worth of drama in a day.

Rick and Caroline married on "B&B." A decision was made at Daniel's hearing on "Days." Patrick watched as Emma rushed into Robin's arms on "GH," and Chloe and Connor turned up missing on "Y&R."

Read our excerpts for highlights from last week's episodes, which can be found in full in's Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Carter officiated Rick and Caroline's wedding, as family and friends watched them become husband and wife. Eric and Donna reminisced about their past wedding. Privately, Quinn confronted Donna for licking honey off of Eric's finger and warned her to back off. Donna felt there was something very off about Quinn and told her so. Nearby, Wyatt taunted Liam by promising to successfully marry Hope, something Liam hadn't been able to do. Ally disapproved of Hope kissing Wyatt during a photo shoot, given that she had seen Hope kissing Liam as well. As Katie encouraged Liam to do what was best for him, instead of trying to be Hope's savior, Ally sent Liam a photo text of Wyatt and Hope kissing. Liam went to Hope and demanded that she cut ties with Wyatt and marry him before Christmas. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out more about Wyatt's plan to make Hope his bride.

Days of our Lives:
Theresa came forward during Daniel's hearing, admitted she didn't remember the night she overdosed and apologized for causing him trouble. Daniel's case was closed. Theresa also confessed to Jenn that she'd lied so she would think she and Daniel were having an affair, but Jenn didn't believe her. When JJ ran into Theresa, she suddenly remembered the night she overdosed. Theresa rushed off and asked Daniel to keep JJ away from her. Daniel spoke to JJ about Theresa, and Jenn was confused to find them appearing friendly together. Kate watched Nick's flash drive at the Brady's Pub, which caused a virus and destroyed MadWorld's network. Will and Sonny noticed how off Gabi had been acting, which worried Kate, who stopped Gabi from confessing Nick's murder to Rafe. The women were stunned when the birdwatcher approached them and claimed to have known what they had done the night by the river. Brady received a DVD at the Kiriakis mansion, one Kristen had made before their wedding. Not able to take her professions of love, Brady snorted the coke he swiped from the Salem slums. Meanwhile, Daniel convinced Nicole to help him uncover clues into the night of Eric's rape. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps for Rafe and Jordan's reaction to their spontaneous kiss and learn how many identities Jordan had been hiding.

General Hospital:
Ava and an expert testified against AJ at his trial. With no witnesses to call on his behalf, AJ asked Diane to let him take the stand. Emma spotted Robin at the Port Charles church just before Patrick and Sabrina were married. Everyone listened as Robin explained how she'd been kidnapped. As Patrick kissed Robin, Sabrina ran off. Robin urged Patrick to follow Sabrina. Patrick claimed he still loved Sabrina, but she warned he couldn't have both women. Later, Patrick witnessed Carlos and Sabrina kissing and punched Carlos. At Georgie's grave, Maxie was distraught over not being able to see her daughter and over Robin's death. Just as Maxie prepared to kill herself by overdosing on pills, Robin appeared. After their happy reunion, Robin paid Sabrina a visit. Anna and Robert agreed that Faison needed to die at Wyndemere in order to protect their family. When Anna told Duke that Derek was Julian Jerome, Duke wanted to kill him and teamed up with Sonny to take down Julian's regime - starting with Carlos. Carly screamed for Luke to hand over the cure as Jerry dragged Bobbie away from the Metro Court. Luke threatened to shatter the vial if Jerry didn't let Bobbie go. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps to find out what happened after Jerry pushed Bobbie to safety then grabbed Luke and pulled him over the roof's edge.

The Young And The Restless:
Billy attended another Genoa City support group meeting and continued to bond with Kelly. Noah and Kyle butted heads over ideas at Newman, with Victor siding with Kyle. Elsewhere, while Hilary warned Devon that Mason was using him, Mason made more purchases with Devon's stolen credit card. As Avery professed her love to Dylan nearby, Adam asked Chelsea to live with him permanently, and they kissed. Chloe agreed to watch Connor but warned Chelsea not to go back to Adam. When Chelsea returned, Chloe was missing and Connor's bassinet was empty. Womack defended Fen against other inmates in jail then informed Fen that he now owed him. Lauren continued to receive mysterious hang-ups. Sharon comforted Summer at home, who'd been upset about losing Phyllis and Nick, then accepted a job as a model mentor. Nick was proud of Sharon, who rebuffed his suggestion to be a maternal figure for Summer. Later, Nick told Dylan he'd leave him alone as long as he didn't hurt Nikki. Victor overheard Nikki leaving Paul a message about Dylan at the ranch and was upset to learn Paul had known before him. Soon, DNA confirmation came in proving Dylan was Nikki's son. Read The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to hear about Lily's last cancer check-up and her unexpected phone call.

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