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A week's worth of drama in a day.

Donna lied to Katie on "B&B." Jenn slapped Theresa across the face on "Days." Nik was stunned to see Robin on "GH," and Nikki's SUV was spotted near the scene of Delia's accident on "Y&R."

Here are a few excerpts from last week's episodes, which can be found in full in's Daily Soap Opera Summaries.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Katie asked Donna if she believed Bill and Brooke would marry someday. Donna didn't reveal the engagement and claimed Brooke wouldn't hurt Katie like that. Hope learned that Bill planned to marry Brooke and warned her mother to put Katie first. Brooke struggled with her conscience, but Bill reminded her that Katie pushed them together. Though Bill wanted to spend more time with Will, he and Katie argued over Brooke. Katie refused to allow Will to go back to the mansion as long as Bill was living with Brooke. When Katie saw the mountain-climbing gear, she had a bad feeling and pleaded with Bill not to go to Aspen. Hope grew closer to Wyatt, who continued to argue with Liam over which one belonged with Hope. Oliver knew how hard it was to give up Hope and suggested that it was time Liam did just that. Liam refused and enlisted Pam's help in finding proof that Wyatt sent Hope the Steffy video. After uncovering the Quinn Artisan Jewelers domain name Liam accused Quinn of sending the email. Quinn admitted it and assured Liam Wyatt wasn't involved. Liam didn't believe her. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out how Maya reacted to Rick and Caroline's engagement news.

Days of our Lives:
Daniel assured JJ he wouldn't testify against him and claimed to be out of Jenn's life for good. Theresa taunted Jenn about getting close to Daniel and said JJ would be better off without her. Jenn slapped Theresa then threatened to call the cops on JJ, who left to get high. While Stefano offered to get rid of Theresa, as a way to repay Daniel for saving Chad, Theresa hid JJ from Hope, who wanted to bring him home to Jenn. After Theresa willingly took too much of the date rape drug (GHB), she fell unconscious. JJ didn't know what to do and turned to Daniel for help. Daniel ordered JJ to leave, so he wouldn't get in trouble, then called 911 and had Theresa rushed to the hospital. Will won a literary competition at Berkley after his professor sent in his essay. Sonny and Gabi convinced Will to leave Salem and take the fellowship. Elsewhere, Sami was shocked when Stefano, who felt guilty for Chad being shot, apologized for hurting her throughout the years. Chad received a big shock as well, that he had celiac artery damage, and was confronted by Kayla after Cameron revealed he'd lied about his brain tumor. Chad admitted the truth to Abigail, who dumped him and went off to slap Cameron. Nicole told Brady she loved Eric, who overheard her confession. Eric forced Nicole to admit her feelings to him. She did and asked for forgiveness for past sins, prompting Eric to believe she raped him. Nicole adamantly denied it. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to find out what news Kristen received from the fertility specialist.

General Hospital:
Robin explained her staged death to Nik before he saved Britt from Faison. Jerry appeared and agreed to let Nik, Britt and Robin go if Robin kept quiet about being alive until she created another cure for him. Robin was devastated to hear that Faison killed Jason. Back in Port Charles, Sabrina accepted Patrick's marriage proposal. While getting Ben treatment, Britt heard about Patrick's engagement and warned him not to marry Sabrina. Nik and Britt returned to Wyndemere and told Robin about the engagement. Lulu ordered Alexis to file the custody paperwork and vowed to go to great lengths to keep Connie away from Maxie. When Lulu asked Spinelli to let her keep Connie, he refused and informed his friend that he and Maxie had enlisted Diane's services to get their daughter back. Alexis and Sam received proof, through the DNA test, that Julian Jerome was Sam's father. Alexis told Sam it was probably best that she never met him, considering how dangerous he'd become. Sam shared her parentage with Silas and admitted she might be related to Ava. Morgan listened in as Ava laughed to Derek about Morgan's jealousy of their relationship and how he'd accused her of sleeping with Derek - her own brother. He confronted them about Derek being Julian Jerome and threatened to tell Sonny. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps to find out what advice Diane gave Franco about his art.

The Young And The Restless:
Alex told Paul that Nikki's SUV was found in Genoa City near the scene during the time of Delia's accident. Paul looked over the SUV, which hadn't shown signs of being involved. That's not all Paul had to deal with... Just as Michael was sentenced to ten years in prison for shooting Carmine, Fen came forward and confessed that he killed him. Elsewhere, Avery met with Nikki, who wanted to add her son to her will. Avery was confused and thought Nikki was talking about Nick. She was stunned to hear that Dylan was Nikki's son. Billy and Chloe learned that Connor needed a transplant and donated Delia's corneas. Adam felt guilty and almost confessed but thanked them immensely. The surgery had been successful. Chloe wasn't receptive to Jill's comforting and continued to blame Billy for Delia's death. Though the Abbotts offered a reward of one-hundred thousand dollars to find the person who ran Delia down, Devon stepped up and offered a million. Delia's belongings were delivered to Chloe, who found the scarf from her witch costume missing. Read The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to find out what Adam did with Delia's scarf.

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