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A week's worth of drama in a day.

Quinn sent Hope an upsetting email on "B&B." Shots were fired on "DOOL." Two couples fought for baby Connie on "GH," and Billy feared for Delia's life on "Y&R."

Here are a few excerpts from last week's episodes, which can be found in full in's Daily Soap Opera Summaries.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Donna worried how Bill and Brooke's engagement would affect Katie and warned them not to screw up what appeared to be something special between them. Bill disapproved of Katie's changes at a Spencer board meeting and warned she'd ruin the company. While Hope and Liam promised that nothing would stop them from getting married this time, Wyatt and Oliver traded Hope stories, one that included Oliver having slept with Brooke. Quinn emailed Hope the tribute video that Liam put together to showcase his and Steffy's marriage. Hope was irked by the video and Liam's explanation that he did it as a favor to Steffy. Brooke realized Quinn believed Hope was making a terrible mistake by planning a future with Liam. Quinn assured Brooke she had faith that Hope hadn't made the mistake yet. Wyatt got word that Liam had screwed up again. After Liam vented to Bill about the video email, Bill accused Liam of still loving Steffy and urged him to go to Paris. Brooke told Hope she deserved to be loved by a man who only loved her, like Wyatt. Hope removed her wedding ring and kissed Wyatt. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out what Thorne finally admitted about Rick.

Days of our Lives:
Gabi told Nick they could no longer see each other. Nick privately vowed not to give up on Gabi and was sure they could be happy away from Salem. Cameron confronted Chad about not having a tumor and warned him it was time for the lie to end. JJ got Kayla to admit that Jack raped her then trashed the square and was ultimately arrested. Nicole took the reporting job but was unsuccessful in finding an appropriate replacement for her at the rectory. While Eric agreed to marry Kristen and Brady, Kristen's goon robbed Marlena in an attempt to recover the flash drive. As Marlena realized Kristen set her up, Parker found Victor's spyware on the ground. Eric was stunned to find out that the woman in the hotel lobby was named Fay Taylor, as in Nicole's dead mother. Sami and EJ celebrated their engagement with family and friends. Marge couldn't live without Joe, loaded a gun and prepared to make others feel a loss. She arrived at Sami and EJ's party and fired two shots. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to find out how Kate replied when Rafe questioned why she continued to stand by him.

General Hospital:
Derek caught Ava with Morgan and warned her not to forget that they had Sonny to deal with. Sonny called Ava in an attempt to get Morgan away from her. Luke wouldn't leave the island with Tracy, who stayed behind with plans to get the cure. Robert assured Anna that Robin was alive. Obrecht went to see Faison disguised as Anna. Faison admitted Robin was alive and was stun to see that she was really Obrecht. Olivia visualized Faison kissing Anna and told Duke. While Robin celebrated her birthday, Robert longed to tell Mac she was alive. When Franco couldn't concentrate on his art, Heather blamed Carly and offered to make her disappear. Carly agreed to go to dinner with Derek, which prompted Franco to take Diane out. Derek didn't mind that Carly had been using him to make Franco jealous. Sam and Silas shared a glass of wine and a kiss. Though they planned to have sex, Danny's cries prevented that from happening. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps to find out how Alexis reacted when Dante and Lulu asked her to help them legally adopt baby Connie.

The Young And The Restless:
Paul stunned Nikki with news that her son was alive and living in Genoa City. Later, Nikki told Dylan she had a confession to make. Michael pleaded guilty to murdering Carmine. Fen couldn't remember if he shot Carmine, and Lauren refused to let him talk to the cops. Nick received word from Jack that Phyllis squeezed his hand. Sharon feared she was coming out of her coma then learned it was a false alarm. Nick refused Sharon, who tried to kiss him and insisted they belonged together. Jack held hope and believed Phyllis was trying to tell him something about Summer since she squeezed his hand after mentioning her name. Adam received Connor's DNA results and demanded he be listed on his birth certificate as his father. He and Chelsea learned that Connor needed a corneal transplant. Across town, Billy briefly left Delia alone in his car with Dash. Delia chased Dash when the dog ran out of the car. Adam swerved to miss the dog and believed he avoided harming it. Billy soon found Delia unconscious on the side of the road. Read The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to hear what Tyler said to Abby in regards to his feelings for her.

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