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Owen's attempts to crawl out of debt only make things worse on "Coronation Street." Tamwar is forced to question her relationship with Alice on "EastEnders." Rodney starts an unusual career on "Emmerdale." Ste heads to court for matricide on "Hollyoaks." Spencer keeps lying to Sasha on "Home and Away." And Josh receives permission to leave school on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Desperate to save himself from his brother and his memories, David looks for a way out. There aren't any to be found and Tina's badgering is only making things worse. The family gathers around and waits to see how Nick will react to everything. With no other options left, David is left to beg for forgiveness.

Steve actually manages to give Ryan some golden advice. Ryan decides it is time for him to leave Weatherfield behind. Michelle is shocked. No sooner has she said a sad goodbye to her son when someone else pops up at her door. It's her father, Barry, and he has something shocking to tell her.

Spoiler alert: Carol gets busy worrying about Dot and trying to fix things with Sharon. Things are running less smoothly for the men in her life. David leaves Masood shocked after they have a frank discussion about Carol. Masood hatches big birthday plans for Carol but David plans to sabotage it. As he continues trying to ingratiate himself with her, he also manages to keep rubbing other people the wrong way.

Lauren's behavior is setting off alarms for Abi, who starts to worry that she is hitting the booze again. Lauren has to decide whether or not to tell her what's going on. Meanwhile, Roxy continues to risk it as she keeps dating Ronnie behind Alfie's back. Her life gets even more complicated when Jack offers her a major opportunity and Michael decides that it is time for him to ruin her life.

Spoiler alert: As the police begin digging into how Jimmy's accident happened, Nicola is left coping with it. Although she's determined to save her relationship, the same can't exactly be said of Andy and Amy. Val and Victoria try to keep her distracted but fail. Joanie finally shows up with news that floors her.

Laurel has a surprising proposal for Marlon and he has a surprise of his own planned for her. Meanwhile, Ashley's feelings for Lauren return. She prepares herself to tell her about these feelings but the situation is complicated when she hears the latest from Laurel and Marlon.

Spoiler alert: Although his trial hasn't even started, Ste is already sure he is going to jail. This makes Doug and Danny worry. They decide to send Leah and Lucas to see him but that doesn't help. Soon after, Leanna accidentally blabs to Leah about what Ste did and Leah runs away. Doug chases after the little girl but finds her trapped on top of some scaffolding.

Fans of "Hollyoaks" will be getting more of the series next month. Following the popularity of past specials, this year will see the sixth edition of "Hollyoaks Later." The mini-series will feature several popular characters, even a few brought back from the dead as angels, as they criss-cross the globe and get involved with illegal poker, kidnapping and battling cancer. "Hollyoaks Later" will be airing over five nights on E4. Look for it to debut on October 7.

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Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Overwhelmed with guilt from his past, Brax makes a confession which leaves his family reeling. He heads out in search of some answers and peace. When he gets to Mangrove River, his mistakes come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Marilyn is not thrilled to discover that Maddy has been hiding someone. Maddy and Josh beg her to keep a secret for them.

Oscar lashes out at Zac, blaming him for the fact that Evelyn has gone back to the cult. With Hannah in tow, they go looking for Evelyn. They find her for a moment and do their best to convince her to come home. As she tries to decide where she wants to live, Leah gets wind of the fact that Hannah and Zac are planning to shack up together and is not thrilled about it.

Spoiler alert: Rani decides it is time to dump Bailey. She tells him that she's found someone new in India. His week continues to get worse thanks to his ongoing feud with Callum. However, things are looking up for Georgia. After being encouraged to record her song, she manages to outwit Paul.

While Chris' life continues to be in a shambles, Sheila's gets messed up following a traumatic encounter late at night. She starts to feel the pangs of post traumatic stress. But that's nothing compared to what Lou is feeling. Realizing that he's already in his seventies, he's sure that he could drop dead at any minute.

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