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Chesney and Sinead plan for the future on "Coronation Street." Peggy tries to get Phil back on track on "EastEnders." Cain tests Moira's morals on "Emmerdale." Danny's lies shock John Paul on "Hollyoaks." Spencer gets dangerous on "Home and Away." And Robbo's killer is revealed on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: In the aftermath of what's happened with Karl, people on the street are left wondering whether Stella knew what he was up to. She has a meltdown, but, ironically, Dev is there to give her his support. Meanwhile, Hayley needs support as she throws herself back into the thick of things. The week is a mixed bag for her. She has a disturbing dream and a rather melancholy birthday with Roy, but remains adamant that she will push on with her life.

Things continue to deteriorate between Sally and Tim. Just when she thinks she's rid of him, he tries something new. As Sally attempts to maneuver her way out of this relationship, Jason is busy trying to get himself into one. He starts making passes at Eva, but will she be interested?

Spoiler alert: After Ollie pops up and asks Jean away to Brighton with him, she has to ask herself if she is really capable of leaving Walford behind. Meanwhile, the reality of Ava and Sam's relationship finally dawns on Dexter. He panics and plans, careful to keep it all a secret from his mother.

Max winds up being the bone of contention for Lauren and Abi. They can't agree on how to handle him. If the sisters can't agree on that, at least they can agree to turn on Kristy. She's shocked. Carl wanders by and tries to charm her, which only ends up reminding her that he's a bit of a creep. Meanwhile, Jake asks Lauren to meet up with him. Since she is having a hard time managing things with her sister, she asks Jake for some help and he asks her for more than that.

Spoiler alert: Cameron throws Debbie off when he suddenly asks her to marry him. After she gets her brain back in order, she attempts to coax a confession out of him. That just makes him paranoid. When she fails to get it out of him the easy way, she flat-out confronts him. It's not long before he has to face up to what he did.

After having her annulment confirmed, Alicia can't help but open up to Megan about the feelings she has for David. She tries to keep these hidden from him as she slogs away at planning his wedding. However, she's not trying hard enough since Dom is convinced that she still wants David. Meanwhile, Amy's family meets Kyle and she opens up to Kerry about the big secret she is keeping. And the bond between Rhona and Vanessa strengthens once again but Rhona wishes her bond with Paddy was stronger.

Spoiler alert: Fearing that Will is about to kill again, Anna attempts to warn Ash. However, Will is already busy covering his tracks. The guilt is getting to him though and he becomes increasingly paranoid. Patrick is feeling pretty paranoid too once he's arrested for Anna's murder and dumped in a cell. Meanwhile, the McQueens begin planning a memorial for Myra. That hits a snag when Nana learns that the insurance company won't be paying. She teams up with Theresa to plot a fake robbery using Dennis to do the deed.

Frankie starts to suspect that Joe must be Jack's son after the latter writes a big check to the Roscoes. She annoys Jack when she acts out and gets confrontational with Sandy. Gossip about Jack starts to circulate. Once Lindsey hears about it, she decides to head over to the Roscoe's. On her way, she is accidentally run over by Frankie and Jack. Lindsey is rushed to the hospital and told her baby is dead.

The "Hollyoaks" actors sent their best wishes to fellow cast member Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren) for his upcoming appearance on "Strictly Come Dancing."

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: As Casey tries to get his legs to feel something again, Tamara attempts to face how she feels about him. They wind up just telling each other that they have feelings they don't quite understand. Meanwhile, Josh tells Brax and Casey that he is feeling sorry. Brax isn't feeling that forgiving, but he's also feeling a bit confused because he realizes that his family and Josh's seem to have a lot in common.

Recognizing that Heath seems to have rather different priorities than she does, Bianca challenges him to do more with his life. At the same time, Winston is ready to do more with his life. That means leaving the bay behind... and he might be taking someone with him. And Evelyn wants to get back to the lodge urgently, but that won't happen if Zac, Hannah and Oscar manage to convince her it's not a great idea.

Spoiler alert: Sheila and Karl face an animal problem while Callum faces a problem with a friend. He realizes that Josie doesn't want to be 'just friends' with him anymore. Unfortunately, this costs them both. Callum turns to other things. He and Bailey dig up some more information on the treasure and go looking. Meanwhile, Paul winds up learning the truth about Jack.

Sonya throws together a surprise party for Lucas and Vanessa but the surprise of the week ends up being one that no one was planning. After arresting Toadie, the cops crash Lucas and Vanessa's wedding. News about who killed Robbo throws the town into a panic. In the aftermath, Chris is horrified and Amber makes a confession to Josh. He's unsure if they can actually be together considering how much chaos it could cause.

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