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A week's worth of drama in a day.

Cara found out that David saved Oliver on "AMC." Bill moved in with Brooke on "B&B." A few people spotted Kristen's pregnancy test on "DOOL." Luke came across a prisoner on "GH." Allison Perkins scared the life out of Natalie on "OLTL," and friends and family learned that Katherine Chancellor had passed away on "Y&R."

Here are a few excerpts from last week's episodes, which can be found in full in's Daily Soap Opera Summaries.

All My Children:
AJ finally found out about JR's drug use when a syringe fell from his father's pocket. Dimitri and Brooke grew closer and almost gave in to a kiss. Though Dimitri wanted it to happen, Brooke ultimately pulled away. Cara's mother told her daughter that David saved Oliver's life by getting him to the hospital. Cara wondered if Oliver would benefit from having his father in his life, but Cara's mother warned she could lose her son forever. Cara had other issues to deal with after learning what her prescription pad had been used for, and Dixie met with Celia about her visions and vowed to help her. Read our All My Children Daily Recaps to find out what Colby shared with Opal and who she planned to sabotage.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Katie begged Bill for another chance, but he had had enough and refused his wife. After Brooke and Katie argued over Bill and the situation, Bill moved into Brooke's house and planned a future with her. Liam and Hope discussed his brother, as Wyatt visited Quinn. When Wyatt returned to the house, he and Liam established some rules for living together. Maya worried about her secret, which was warranted since Rafael told Caroline about what Maya did with Carter. Of course, Caroline wanted to tell Rick everything, as Maya told Carter that was she with Rick. As the HFTF fashion show began, Rick worried about how the press would view the new line. The Forresters eagerly awaited feedback from the press. Read our The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out what Thorne and Thomas said to put Rick on notice.

Days of our Lives:
Kristen's pregnancy test made its rounds, first having been seen by Nicole then played with by Sydney. Finally she was able to get some results and learned she wasn't pregnant. Marlena was still out for blood and told Victor she overheard Kristen saying she slept with someone other than Brady. After a talk with Vargas, Father Eric felt as though he let 'the program' down and took it out on Nicole. Vargas ended up with a visit from Hope, who informed him he was heading back to prison. Theresa made her move on Daniel and invited him out for drinks, only to have it backfire with a definite 'no'. That didn't stop Theresa, who set her sights on Vargas and stole a wad of his cash. Hope later questioned Theresa about her involvement with Vargas. While Gabi and Nick reconnected, Chad and Sonny celebrated the opening of the club with friends and family. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to find out what advice Kayla gave Abby and how the prosecutor's reduced sentence offer to Sami came with a very high price.

General Hospital:
Connie overheard a private conversation between Sonny and Olivia and confronted them about her place in their lives. Olivia told Sonny she knew he still loved Connie, who uncovered something about Derrick Wells. Sonny had to deal with the news surrounding Kiki and Morgan, as did Carly. Michael found Kiki and told her the truth about Morgan. Luke found Laura tied up in a basement then turned to Sonny for help. Ellie struggled with the truth about Spinelli's baby, as Maxie gave birth, which resulted in a crisis. Maxie ended up saying too much, as she laid in her hospital bed. Ava came across AJ, who struggled with his demons, at The Floating Rib, as Michael was on the hunt for his father. AJ then went missing. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps to find out what happened when Kiki visited Franco and how gunshots rocked the lives of those in Port Charles.

One Life To Live:
Season one finale episodes! Kate couldn't resist Jack and had sex with him on her desk. Tea was upset to see Dani with Arturo and feared her daughter would end up dead like Brianna. Dani wasn't as worried and didn't resist when Arturo kissed her and took her to bed. Nikki warned Cutter they couldn't let his relationship with Natalie get in the way of their business. Clint arrived at the Man Of The Year gala drunk and out for revenge. In front of friends and family he stole the award out of Bo's hands then was taken away strapped to a gurney. When Natalie went to see Clint in the psych ward she found Allison Perkins standing over her father with a syringe. Read our One Life to Live Daily Recaps to find out what Michelle revealed to Matthew, as well as everything else that went down during the soap's season one finale episodes. Stay tuned for a date when season two will resume.

The Young And The Restless:
Murphy summoned Katherine's friends and family to the Chancellor Estate to announce that she had passed away. Jack was there to comfort Jill and shared happy memories of Katherine with Billy, Abby and Nikki. Tyler even stepped up and comforted Devon. Soon, Katherine's loved ones received special messages from her. Sharon interrupted Avery and Nick and was warned that her services were no longer needed. Noah became suspicious of Sharon and asked his mother if she'd been at the gala the night of Phyllis' accident. Sharon later found out that Nick and Avery planned to marry next week. When Faith bashed Avery, Nick turned to Sharon for help. Vikki shared the news that she and Billy had reunited with Victor, as Adam faced a run-in with Melanie. While Neil uncovered new information about Anne, Cane comforted Hilary in regards to her dead mother. Read our The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to hear what message Carmine left behind in his room, and why Chelsea had to take her newborn son back to the hospital.

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