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The cops dig at the farm. (ITV)

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Paul's latest apology may come too late for Eileen on "Coronation Street." Carl and Max battle it out on "EastEnders." Molly and Nikhil leave the village behind on "Emmerdale." Holly's life is unsettled by Dirk's discovery on "Hollyoaks." Jett gets some help winning Nina back on "Home and Away." And it's a hit and run on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Leanne is on edge waiting for news on Nick's condition. Her anxiety is nothing close to what David is feeling. He starts to panic as his brother's condition steadily improves. His antsy behavior leads to Tina questioning him about what really happened in the crash. Could guilt make him come clean with her?

Karl's guilt continues to get the better of him. Thanks to his strange behavior and everything else, Stella starts to have second thoughts about actually marrying him. While Karl's dream of tying the knot with her starts to unravel, Katy makes another bid to win Chesney back. He's still not sure. Sinead orders him to hurry up and make up his mind. And a confused Sally turns to Jenn and Sophie for relationship advice.

Spoiler alert: Shirley is furious with Phil when she learns that he has been paying her rent behind her back. As she starts making demands for payback, Ian and Denise are left wondering if they have a future after their latest fight. Questions about their relationship may have to be put on the back burner, however, when Cindy Jr. shows up and plops herself in the middle of things.

Bianca and Kat head out for a double date which will likely end in disaster. Meanwhile, Lauren's plan to cheer up Abi with a party leads to an unexpected result. Lauren is appalled to discover what really has Abi in the dumps and decides to try and fix things for her.

Spoiler alert: Declan has a hard time controlling himself as the police dig up the farm and rapidly discover some unsavory evidence. The farm is placed in lockdown and Declan faces police questioning. Megan manages to make his life even worse by giving him some bad news. While he's left increasingly isolated, Cameron is left shocked to hear that Alex's body has been discovered.

Paddy looks for proof to back up his suspicions that Rhona has been deceiving him. He soon finds it and wastes no time in confronting her. She wants to make amends, but he's not in the most forgiving mood. Meanwhile, Dan realizes how jealous Kerry is of his relationship with Chas and decides to use it to his advantage. And Val and Pollard gang up to make Amy come clean about her feelings for Kyle.

Spoiler alert: While Sandy is contemplating whether or not she has chosen the wrong man, Patrick is pressuring Maxine to choose him. She's distracted by the confession which Sienna made to her but still manages to be intrigued by Patrick. However, her interest leads to her learning something new which could wind up isolating her.

Determined to get Mercedes back, Dr. Browning starts to hatch another devious plan, one which will involve keeping Cindy's trap shut. At the same time, Mercedes and Nana are coming up with their own plot. They plan to rob the doctor. Dodger gets involved and ends up with more than he was expecting. And Danny is hurt when John Paul doesn't give him what he was expecting.

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Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Tamara finally makes a choice between Kyle and Casey, just as Casey is about to cross the line with Maddy. He faces a week of harsh, and not always fair, judgement. Roo and Brax both think he's been doing the dirty and nag him. But he faces some real grief when Cheryl, the matriarch of the Braxton clan, shows up and lays into him and Tamara.

With Pippa back at school, she and Sally agree to enjoy the time they have together. Sally also gets a pleasant surprise from Bianca as the latter looks forward to her wedding day. And then Sally winds up being the one to offer Indi a shoulder to cry on after she hears about Romeo's cancer. Indi has other things to worry about too, like Chris giving her an ultimatum. He pushes her to choose whether or not she really wants a relationship.

Spoiler alert: Mason teams up with Chris and Joshua to grab Robbo's money before he can catch on. They may get away with it since Robbo winds up in the hospital after being caught in a hit and run. Mason becomes a suspect in the incident and he's not the only one. Suspicion also surrounds Imogen and Amber. Mason and Imogen team up to hide incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, Toadie comes to and, though he has no idea what happened the previous night, he's sure that he was the one who ran down Robbo.

Lucas is also feeling tortured with guilt. Seeing Vanessa in the hospital makes it worse. So much so that he decides to take extreme measures. While Joshua is also feeling bruised, Lou starts to feel some romantic bruising after Bailey decides to get between him and Sheila.

In casting news, former "Neighbours" star Alan Hopgood will be returning to the role of Jack Lassiter in September. His return will leave characters scrambling to get close to him as he shares his wealth.

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