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Tracy feels Tina's wrath. (ITV)

Nikhil wants out. (ITV)

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David tries to bury his guilt on "Coronation Street." Joey tries hunting down who has been dealing drugs at R&R on "EastEnders." Amy attempts to move on from Kyle on "Emmerdale." Esther worries that she's lost Tilly on "Hollyoaks." Marilyn has to face Jett's criticism on "Home And Away." And Susan continues to worry about Imogen on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Attending Jake's party pushes Tina over the edge. Her violent reaction winds up putting Rita in danger, something which outrages Dennis. Tina finally pulls herself together and does her best to move on, but Gary starts to think that she shouldn't be allowed back into Jake's life.

The reasons for Craig's strange behavior are finally revealed. Karl is shocked when he is confronted with the fact that Craig knows about his dastardly deeds. Karl wastes no time before threatening the lad in a bid to bully him into silence. And Tim has another reason to think about sticking around in Weatherfield, but will he and Sally face their feelings for each other?

Spoiler alert: People get worried when Lauren decides she's going to throw a party for Jim. The shindig doesn't run smoothly and the prospect of falling off the wagon soon presents itself. She finds her way to a counseling session. Her luck starts to look up when she meets a handsome man on the way.

Janine pushes Michael's buttons by rubbing her relationship with Danny in his face. Michael isn't shy about telling Danny how he feels about this but Danny has a plan to keep him at bay. Meanwhile, Phil and Max join up to kick someone clear out of their lives. And Alice could be getting someone in her life when she has a blind date with Tamwar.

Spoiler alert: After debating with herself about whether or not to expose Declan's crimes, he winds up having to dole out money to keep Katie quiet. Meanwhile, Nikhil keeps his plans to leave the village quiet. Brenda senses what he's up to and tries taking some drastic action. Jai manages to complicate his easy exit and Bob and Rodney are left wondering where Brenda has disappeared to.

Things are grim in the village as Gennie's funeral looms. The event manages to fuel Chas' suspicions that something is up between Debbie and Cameron. When Cameron is confronted about this, Chas is left shocked by what he has to say. And Cain remains determined to keep Cameron out of Debbie's life, even if that means taking some drastic actions.

Spoiler alert: Darren and Nancy have managed to call something of a truce for the sake of Oscar. However, Sienna remains determined to be rid of Nancy, leading the latter to make an extreme decision.

John Paul's life gets complicated when his past comes back in a big way. He turns to an old friend for help, but winds up facing an ultimatum from Frankie. The stress from all of this is nothing compared to what he feels when he learns the paternity of baby Matthew.

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Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Bianca's decision to postpone the wedding puts something of a damper on Heath's bucks weekend in Melbourne. He worries about what her choice might really mean. Zac is also worried about it since he suspects that he might be the reason for her hesitation. Although Bianca soon changes her mind about delaying the ceremony, it may be too late after the problems which Heath encounters on his weekend away.

Pippa is busy planning her own funeral, something which leaves Alf rather disturbed. Sally decides to reach out to her. She's got some worries of her own, like the money from the sale of Blaxland actually coming through. And Sasha's plan for revenge on Chris continues. She tries getting help taking him down while he's distracted by his attempts to seduce Indi.

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Spoiler alert: Lucas falls prey to his old habits. He begins gambling in a desperate bid to get out of the latest hole he's fallen into. When he faces off with Robbo at poker, he makes a bad move that costs him even more than he was expecting. Meanwhile, Mason needs help and looks to Paul, who is busy helping himself thanks to Georgia.

Chris has some advice for Kate, but she's pretty busy moping about the fact that she's lost her excuse for being around Kyle. Other romantic problems percolate around as Lou remains convinced that Sheila loves him while Matt and Lauren have new problems thanks to Brad and Theresa. And Vanessa's tea party is such a disaster that it leaves her worrying about her unborn baby's life.

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