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Daytime drama.

This past week our favorite Daytime soap operas were consumed with anger issues, a proposal, an arrest, confrontations, ulterior motives, and tragedy…

All My Children:
Miranda's time at the beach was anything but fun, as Hunter harassed her. Due to steroid use, JR had a few issues and began to let his anger shine through. Colby took matters into her own hands and made sure Celia got the wrong impression about her and Pete. Opal's gala was offered the red carpet treatment. Cassandra and Colby reconnected in the hospital, and Adam didn't get his say and hung up after Dimitri answered Brooke's phone. Read our All My Children Daily Recaps for the goings-on in Pine Valley.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Hope said yes to Liam's marriage proposal, which didn't impress Bill when word of their engagement came out. Bill assumed his sister had an agenda for working to help Katie and confronted her about it. Katie made it clear where she stood and told Brooke exactly how she saw things, as did Donna. Hope and Wyatt suspected that Bill and Quinn knew each other and received confirmation after a shocking truth was revealed about Wyatt's paternity. Wyatt, Bill and Quinn had it out as a result. Quinn blamed Hope for the upheaval, and Bill and Liam reached out to Wyatt. Caroline continued to influence Rafael. After Maya warned Carter she had her limits, she confronted Caroline and Rafael over their manipulations. Pam had a new plan and alerted Rick to its marketing aspects, and Eric confided in Brooke in regards to Taylor. Read our The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for more Los Angeles scandals.

Days of our Lives:
Sami shared her wedding news with everyone during the bishop's reception, quickly stealing the attention away from Father Eric. Abe was in a position he'd rather not be in and was forced to arrest Sami. As Sami, EJ and Justin were shown the incriminating video, Sonny found out just how far his mother had gone to protect him. EJ did too and threatened Adrienne. Will added to the drama and made a huge confession to Justin. Sami's mess caused friction between Nicole and Eric as well. Rafe demanded to know why Sami shot Bernardi and quickly got his answer. Brady realized that Kristen still loved him, and they talked about the possibility of a fresh start. It wasn't long before Kristen contemplated donning an old disguise for a secret plan. JJ went to Rory to score some cocaine for Theresa, who ended up setting her sights on an older man. Before that same man was lost to her, Abby advised Jenn to hang on to Daniel. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to hear what else erupted in Salem.

General Hospital:
Laura received disappointing news from Lesley and demanded answers. Once she got them, Laura invited Scotty to go on a trip. AJ let Tracy in on Ava's plans, and Silas tried to get information out of Kiki. Many have been after Franco for a long time now, and during a confrontation on a bridge he became destructive and wanted to see Carly. Later, as Carly confronted Ava about her big secret, Silas tried to stop Franco's surgery. The search for Sam's father continued. Britt tried to save face with Nik, and Sabrina questioned Patrick about his issues. Michael had his own issues to take care of and invited Brad over. However, Brad expected Michael to kiss before he told him what Michael wanted to hear. Read our General Hospital Daily Recaps for more Port Charles storyline details.

One Life To Live:
Michelle had a hard time getting back to work and ended up savoring her first time with Matthew a few times over. Dorian took much pleasure in taunting Viki over Clint and their unengagement news. Todd and Blair made love and agreed to give their relationship another go-round. David envisioned the fame his future could hold and planned to put his estranged marriage on camera to be a success. Viki dealt with some issues and confided her feelings for Clint to Natalie, and Arturo gifted Dani with his company and some very big diamond earrings. Read our One Life to Live Daily Recaps for that and more Llanview drama.

The Young And The Restless:
Adam enjoyed taunting his brother and confronted Nick at the gala. Billy held a grudge against Adam and teamed up with Melanie to get to his brother-in-law. Sharon was stunned to realize Phyllis had overheard her DNA switch confession to Cassie. After fleeing the scene of Phyllis' fall Sharon insisted to Cassie that she hadn't meant for Phyllis to get hurt. Cassie told her mother to tell Nick the truth. Everyone waited for Phyllis to wake up after surgery. When Phyllis did, she was unable to speak. Carmine held Lauren at the cabin, where she tried playing him for a fool. He caught on very quickly and prevented Lauren from escaping. As Leslie and Neil discussed trapping the blogger, Lily became upset due to a new post implying Cane and Hilary had something going on. Read our The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps to hear what else went down in Genoa City.

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- Amy Mistretta