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Rachel Melvin (Chelsea - DOOL) Thanksgiving with family.

Sean Ringgold (Shaun - OLTL) is family oriented!

The Team wishes our readers a Happy Thanksgiving! Due to the holiday, we decided to have a little Q&A with some of your favorite soap stars!

In our three part series we had great fun, asking the stars how they spend their holidays, from family Thanksgivings, and joyous Christmas celebrations, to those lavish bashes on New Year's Eve! We also asked them to share their most memorable holiday stories with us and our readers! As you'll find out, the soap stars are very down to earth and celebrate in the same manner in which you or I would! We thank each and every one of them, once again, for their generosity, in giving loyal fans a taste of how they celebrate in their private life!

Christine Fix had the opportunity to ask Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald) Passions about his Thanksgiving traditions. You'll laugh at his memorable New Year's Eve story, coming up, next in the series of Holiday interviews with soap stars!

"Believe it or not but most people in El Salvador do celebrate Thanksgiving (minus all the decorations). Latinos refer to it as "Dia de Accion de Gracia." For as long as I can remember we have always had a huge family gathering. Like a stereotypical Latino family; at my grandfathers with every cousin imaginable, aunts, uncles, etc. However, it is one of those times that I look forward to, because we rarely get to see each other all at once. Not to mention the food is great! We got it all; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes - with melted marshmallows on top- my personal favorite, mashed potatoes, ham and cranberry sauce (which is also a must have in my house) etc."

Shannon Burrell had an interview with comical Tony Tripoli, (Hans, Fashion House) a few days ago. Shannon asked him, "Tony, which of the upcoming Holidays will you be celebrating?" Tony excitedly responds, "I am happy to celebrate ANY holiday that will get me fed treats; don't care what it is... But, this year, I'll be having Thanksgiving with my Dad and a dozen gay guys! It's his nightmare realized, Im sure. Guess that's what he gets for having such a close relationship with me!! (He is actually looking forward to it, and will have a blast being the "Token") Christmas will be in Phoenix with Mom, sister, and niece. No gays scheduled as of this writing..."

Christine Fix asks Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Days of Our Lives) about the quickly approaching holiday season:

"Every year I usually spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my immediate family which would consist of my sister Jessica, my Mom, my dad, and the now, four dogs. It's usually just the four of us unless it's our year with grandma; she tries to alternate every year with each side of the family 'to be fair.' We haven't ever been the type of family to vacation or go anywhere especially exciting, unless of course you consider my family's residence in Arizona thrilling, which personally, I do! The things that I've always remembered about these two particular holidays is that for thanksgiving, my dad always makes some ridiculous comment about how he need to invent something that covers the whole table to keep the food warm so we can come back to it a half hour later. It's kind of an inside joke between us, we just know he'll say it at some point after dinner before we get up, it's been ongoing for years."

Amy Mistretta had a great conversation with Sean Ringgold (Shaun One Life to Live):

Amy writes, "Thinking about the upcoming holidays, I ask Sean if he can give us a peek into how he plans to spend those memorable days, Thanksgiving, Christmas" Sean admits, "I'm very family oriented, love spending time with my mother, my father, my sister, my girl, the whole family. Family is everything to me, just sitting around breaking bread, enjoying every minute with the ones I love You can have all the money in the world, but without family, none of it matters."

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving, from the team, here at! Stay tuned for a second part in our three part Holiday series!

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We're thankful this year for having our health, our online magazine and our wonderful readers, whom we adore! Please feel free to leave comments and tell us what your Thanksgiving plans are!