All My Children: Fans speak out.

Lucy Merriam plays Emma McDermot (

"Emma" (

All My Children's writers have some 'splaining to do!! For those who have been watching, one of All My Children's storylines has been revolving around a DNA issue - 'Chimera'! Many readers are writing to us, asking us what this is all about, and the others are just plain frustrated that Emma was taken from Dixie.

A little genetics lesson for those who don't already know: A Chimera occurs when two ova are fertilized by two sperm, followed by the fusion of the zygotes and the development of an organism wit the intermingled cell lines. What is formed is called a tetragametic chimera, formed from the merger of two fraternal twins in an early zygote phase. This, my fellow soap friends, is what Annie is - a Chimera!

Now, let's hear from all you readers:

Janel D: Come on EMMA is not Ryan's baby give her to Dixie this is outrageous how you people just keep passing this kid like she is a piece of meat, Give her to Tad and Dixie!! Who is the writer of this show? I'm getting sick and tired of watching this and every day she has a different mother or father. We are getting sick and tired of watching all my children.

Marcella L: Now, the girl is Ryan's daughter? Come on! Who the hell wrote this? Only in All My Children would this happen! In real life the real mother matches the child's DNA. Give her to Dixie!!

Molly B: Come on who thought of this, and the phony DNA it goes to show how this is only on the soaps and this is not true, the DNA is all messed up, and I'm sick of it! Give her to Dixie! How can it be Ryan's child, now? Come on! What is going on here?

Brittany S: No Way! what is going on, sick of this soap, every time it is someone else's child, this don't happen in real life, once the DNA comes back and this is not the real mother give her to tad and Dixie. I am so sick of this idea about how a child gets pushed between two. Please give her to Dixie!! My fellow co-workers and I take our lunch break to watch this, and we're going to give up watching AMC if this keeps up!

Carol M: No Way! Give her to Dixie! Man, this is one soap that is going down the drain. Who thinks of these things? Why is this child going from one to the other, when the DNA doesn't match! All of a sudden the child is Ryan's? This is sickening to watch this child being pushed from one parent to the next. Give her to Dixie, already and don't screw up the DNA!
Sally O: Now it is Ryan's baby? I am sick of watching this every day. The DNA is different, the results were fixed, and the computer �etc.

What are your thoughts?!

Christine Fix