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Will Debbie and Cameron get close? (ITV)

Trouble comes to Hollyoaks (E4).

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With his business a mess, Nick goes off on Peter on "Coronation Street." Lucy makes a move on Joey on "EastEnders." Diane has a few words with Nicola about her relationship with Steve on "Emmerdale." Vincent panics when Phoebe puts herself in danger on "Hollyoaks." Marilyn pretends she has a virus so she can avoid her feelings for John on "Home and Away." And Karl asks Georgia to join the band on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Although David is thrilled by the damage he's been causing, he pushes things too far when he tips someone off about it. It's not long before Tina and Kylie are battling and Kylie is twigged that something is seriously off with her husband after he lashes out at Gail.

Tim continues to let Faye down and she has a hard time hiding it from Owen. After he fills Anna in, he has to keep her calm and decides to lay down the law with Tim himself. Meanwhile, Katy and Ryan are headed for dumpsville when he gets fed up with the baby. And Sinead gets sick of Chesney using her to make his ex jealous.

Spoiler alert: Michael thinks that he's getting one over on Janine but the smugness is short-lived. He's soon outraged to discover that she has outwitted him. He leaps into another scheme, the details of which are enough to make Kat shudder.

Bianca almost winds up in jail again after getting up to mischief with Shirley and Jean. The latter has something else to worry about. She's sure that Ian is going to make a play for her. While Bianca and Shirley go looking for her, she's keeping an eye open for Ian but he is busy trying to mend things with Denise.

Spoiler alert: Debbie has to face the reality that she will have to get used to life without her kids around. The fact that she can hardly shake her feelings for Cameron isn't helping the difficult situation either. Desperate, she decides that grabbing the kids and leaving the country might be the way to go, but she might be too tempted by Cameron to run.

Katie attempts to reconcile with Declan, but it's not terribly sincere. He soon guesses this and decides to make her jealous. That only makes things worse for them, but he may not be willing to admit that they are finished. And Nikhil's idea to open a B&B doesn't meet with the greatest enthusiasm from his family.

Spoiler alert: Freddie's latest move leaves the Roscoes scrambling to stay ahead. Joe prepares to make a move that could easily backfire. Freddie continues trying to hurt his brother and it seems to be working out. Lindsey seems willing to take his advice.

Dr. Browning continues to be desperate but still has enough sense to be able to help the McQueen's when they get a disturbing warning. As they put their plan into action, the doctor is left with the possibility that the only way to solve his biggest problem may be murder.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Tamara wants Kyle but the guilt he feels for betraying his brother is making things rocky from the start. Brax is not impressed to discover that they have gotten together and Casey is having a hard time all around. While he attempts to revive Tamara's old feelings for him, he's soon distracted when he learns that Ricky is back.

As Brax tries to fix things with Ricky, Heath tries to help Brax with his own problems. Meanwhile, Holly is out cause some problems by revealing Sasha and Spencer's secret. Maddy claims to be fine with their relationship but she isn't. And Natalia and Zac's relationship could be heading for the end.

Spoiler alert: Kyle thinks that Kate needs to come clean to Mason about who she slept with, but it's them being together that's really uncomfortable. While they try to deal with their own guilt, Don tells Amber that she's a nuisance which Josh doesn't need in his life. However, Josh finally clues in to the fact that Don has been manipulating him.

After Sonya's suspicions of Walter are raised, Lucas forces him to admit that he has a drinking problem. Meanwhile, Callum has a hard time admitting that Rani and Bailey actually have a relationship. Ajay has a hard time trying to be both parents for Rani and Susan winds up being the one to get her on birth control.

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