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Norris is put on on "Corrie." (ITV)

Belle gets sick on Emmerdale. (ITV)

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Norris' nose is out of joint when Emily's family helps her out on "Coronation Street." Abi is shocked by what her mom has been plotting on "EastEnders." Kerry drives off with Dan's van on "Emmerdale." Anna makes a shocking confession on "Hollyoaks." Heath finds it hard to take over for Brax on "Home and Away." And Karl feels threatened by Georgia's success on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: When Tommy tells Tina how he really feels, she's left with more problems to face. As Izzy gives up on fighting for the baby, Tina has to reckon with what her future will be like. Once Jake's future is decided, Tina just wants to get back to normal. Meanwhile, David continues acting creepily normal as his brother starts to come apart at the seams.

Faye acts out some more but her latest attempts to manipulate her situation don't turn out quite as planned. After lashing out at Anna, she's left on her own. And Hayley worries about Roy's latest strange behavior as he searches for the truth about what's going on. Deidre may have the clues he needs.

Spoiler alert: Max and Tanya are terrified to discover what Lauren has been getting up to. Tanya decides that it's time for them to take matters into their own hands. They decided to save Lauren from herself. However, Max has misgivings about Tanya's plan when he realizes how extreme it is.

Kristy is anxious about Carl's continued presence. That's not helping her with her worries about not getting pregnant. Her anxiety takes a steep climb when she suspects that Carl has realized what she has been plotting. It's not long before Max is confronting her over the lies she's been telling.

Spoiler alert: After Katie tips Chas off about her plans to rat Declan out, Declan tells her that he is nothing without her. Her plans quickly change. Declan's feelings for her could change quickly too after he discovers that she slept with Adam. Meanwhile, Charity is outraged with Chas and accuses him of betraying her.

Brenda is horrified when her hair starts falling out. Her week gets worse when her plans for a surprise wedding fizzle. And Debbie accidentally leaves behind some nasty booze that Belle winds up drinking. After she lands in the hospital, Andy decides that he's had enough of Debbie's misbehavior and takes the kids away.

Spoiler alert: Anna believes that Patrick is the one who murdered Texas and she doesn't handle it well. After attacking him, she plans to blow him up in his apartment. His daughter catches her in the act and tries to talk her out of it, which only leads to Anna deciding to kill the whole family. Although they manage to escape from her violence, it makes her look like the guilty party and Patrick happily throws the blame for Texas' death at Anna. After she's locked up, she gets a startling confession from Will which leads her to one more desperate move.

Get a look behind the scenes at "Hollyoaks" with Sophie Austin (Lindsey Butterfield).

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: As news of Bianca's demotion spreads, Sasha and Spencer decide to delay telling people about their relationship, especially Maddy. Besides, Maddy is busy staging a protest on Bianca's behalf. Meanwhile, Brax tries convincing Ricky to stick around. And, convinced gar Natalia has feelings for Brax, Zac calls her out on it. Their feuding starts to take a toll on Leah.

Casey is not happy that Tamara has been getting so close to Kyle. It's not long before Kyle gives in to his longings and kisses her. He hopes that will be enough to convince her to stick around. And Dex makes big plans for his bucket list and this seems to include popping the question to April. His family thinks that's a terrible idea.

Spoiler alert: Kate and Mason reunite, but it isn't easy. They try getting Paul and Matt to make amends to make things easier all around, but that isn't an easy task either. Meanwhile, Josh has a hard time breaking up with Amber, even though he thinks he needs to for the sake of his training. She manages to realize that he has been keeping their relationship a secret all along.

Lucas and Vanessa are at odds about what kind of wedding they want to have. Whatever it is, he's working too hard for it and his body pays the price when his cancer seems to return. And Toadie is not at all pleased to see that Walter is weaseling his way into Sheila's affections and Sonya's trust.

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