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Emily has a fall on "Coronation Street." Kat questions Carl's intentions on "EastEnders." Debbie blackmails Dom on "Emmerdale." It's another chaotic wedding on "Hollyoaks." John continues to fake an injury on "Home and Away." And Paul is forced to attend a sexual harassment workshop on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: After discovering what Kylie has been hiding, David nearly has a breakdown. After he explodes, he manages to control himself for long enough to lend his help to Leanne. Meanwhile, Anna is having a hard time controlling her emotions while Owen is busy yelling at Tina to pay back the money she owes him. And Tina isn't sure she can handle looking after the baby.

Roy and Hayley are bewildered by recent events and he becomes determined to catch whoever has been disturbing them. And Steve tries to talk some sense into Ryan but bungles it, much to Katy and Michelle's chagrin.

Spoiler alert: Dexter is anxious to see Sam leave town, but after she makes a startling confession, his plans may change. Meanwhile, Michael's increasing desperation to see his estranged daughter continues to worry those around him. Alfie and Kat are sad to see how low he sinks. And Ian is struck with terror as Carl goes after him.

Max is brought in to try and help with Lauren but things rapidly get worse. Although Tanya is horrified by how low her daughter is going, she and Max try to be hopeful. Those hopes are soon dashed when Lucy plots to ruin Lauren's dinner with Peter. And Carol is left shocked and confused when Ian shows her a letter from her past.

Spoiler alert: With no one else to turn to, Kerry hooks up with Dan. Her memory starts to jog and she realizes that whoever ran her over was someone she knew. That doesn't stop her from getting intimate with Dan though. All of this appalls Bob, who warns Dan to avoid her. Meanwhile, Rhona seeks some help with her addiction at the therapy group but this quickly leads to her getting a brand new supply of pills.

Declan has to act fast after a body is found. This leaves him vulnerable and Kate narrows in on her plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Belle gets into trouble as she and Gemma become enemies. Dom is determined to make sure that Belle is kicked out of school. And Katie gets some revenge of her own.

Spoiler alert: Joe lashes out Dr. Browning for making a pass at Lindsey. This severely upsets the doctor's fiancee, Mercedes, especially since they are about to get married. He does his best to blame everything on Lindsey and they have a big brawl until he literally drags Mercedes down the aisle kicking and screaming so they can tie the knot. At that moment, Myra clues in to the fact that Browning may not only be a bad fiance, he's likely a killer too.

In this video interview, Nick Pickard (Tony) discuses his character's struggle with testicular cancer.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Charlie returns and is soon face to face with Brax. Meanwhile, Casey comes back and has an even harder time. He's totally shocked by Tamara's memory loss. She doesn't remember him at all. He decides that he will move out and he's not thrilled with how Kyle has been acting. He's not alone. April's also worried that Kyle is getting too cozy with Tamara.

While Leah attempts to deal with her anxiety by going on an interior decorating binge, Sasha and Spencer get over their anxiety by kissing. But Dex isn't sure he will get over the anxiety he felt by coming so close to dying.

Spoiler alert: While Lauren is having a hard time keeping her distance from Brad, he's busy worrying that Paul is getting too close to his wife. Meanwhile, Amber continues to get closer to Josh and is ecstatic when he plants a kiss on her.

Callum and Bailey have it out. After that's over, Callum still has to face the problems he's having with Rani and her feelings. Elsewhere, Sonya tries to put her own emotional turmoil to rest. She soon meets up with a long lost member of her family and they begin to bond. And Kate's turmoil continues to get worse as Georgia confronts her about her secret.

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