Tamara Clatterbuck ex-Alice, Y&R (ABC)

Tammy Lauren (ABC)

Soaps.com has been getting a lot of emails lately about which actress portrays the new detective, in Genoa City. My assistant Amy, felt that this email stood out from the rest!

Lynda H.asks Soaps.com, "My cousin and I have a $10.00 bet. She says the detective on Y&R that's helping the D A is the same lady who played Cassie's mother, and I say it is not. Who's right? Can you please print a picture of both of the ladies?"

Soaps.com Reply, "No, they're not the same woman. Detective Maggie Sullivan is played by Tammy Lauren, and Cassie's adoptive mother, Alice, was played by Tamara Clatterbuck. Get ready to collect $10 from your cousin, Lynda!"

Christine Fix