Soap Storylines: There's always an upside and a downside! image

Luke and Laura's storyline

Nick and Phyllis - Love 'em or hate 'em!

Soap Storylines: There's always an upside and a downside!

Daytime's storylines can be riveting, grabbing us, forcing us to come back daily for our next dose. They can also just plain tic us off, leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth. We can all identify with one another at some point! I've shared some of the comments from our overflowing 'online mailbag' on the storylines that are either irritating to some folk, or are of interest, to others!

The upside!

Simon, Katie and Carly Storyline As the World Turns

From: Barbara P.: Please reunite Katie and Simon. Let Katie fall and Simon find each other one more time. And hopefully Katie has Simon baby. They are so good for each other. Simon and Carly don't mesh will together. It is so clear that Katie still loves Simon. Yours Truly A Big Fan!

Hooked on GH General Hospital

From: Debbie F.: I started watching General Hospital when I was 19 years old and because of family responsibilities stopped watching and two years ago my married daughter got me hooked on General Hospital. I love the show, my favorite character is Sonny and I also love Alexis. I would love to see them get hooked up together. I also like Luke & Laura which have always been my favorite. Keep up the good work on the show and Rick is just pure evil. I do think Alexis needs to find a new love.

The downside!

Language offensive in Pine Valley All My Children

From: Evelyn H.: I have watched ALL MY CHILDREN since the day it aired! I have always used it for my unwind time after work everyday. It was a great stress reliever. Now that I am retired and keep our 5 year old granddaughter a few days a week, I find I can no longer watch, except when alone, because the language is so offensive, and certainly not what any of us would want our grandchildren to hear as acceptable! Why do you not go back 20-10 or even 5 years ago and listen to how well they spoke? Do you have to have 'gutter talk' just because the morals of unloved people are talking like that in everyday life? Children today are thrown away, parents are 1/2 timers, no one willing to sacrifice anything for family time or togetherness. Why? Please, clean up the filth talk on soaps. Why call anyone a "b****"? We don't in everyday life why on soaps, or sob or use any of the bad language. The part of Kendall Hart on All My Children is just cursing more, though her part is sweeter. Love the story - a lifetime watcher!.

Brooke, Ridge and Nick Storyline Bold and the Beautiful
From: Lynn G.: I think this situation between Brook, Ridge and Nick is ridiculous, how many times a month are you going to make her choose? It's making me think twice about whether I should continue watching the show.

Too many flashbacks within the storylines? Desire

From: Beverly B.: Too many repeats and flashbacks. I would not want to see the next series because of this.

Bo and Hope Storyline Days of Our Lives

From: Phyllis S.: You take too long to finish a storyline!! This Bo and Hope thing has gone on forever. They need to be together.

Inside the Light a waste of time? Guiding Light

From: Milena M: I fast-forward all your Wednesday shows. I can't be the only person who thinks "Inside the light" is a waste of time. Also, this is not musical theatre. You could do with fewer musical interludes.

Too many flashbacks within the storylines? Fashion House

From: Beverly B.: Too many flashbacks and repeat nights. I will probably never watch a day-to-day series again - just watch the weekend show.

Spencer Truman or Natalie Buchanan storyline? One Life to Live

From: Shirley M.: You need to move off the Spencer story. It's getting old, and was an insult to my intelligence that Spencer could be taken to someone's home to open DNA. How stupid! We have been through Natalie losing one man, now we are going down that same road again. You need new writers!

Ethan and Theresa storyline? Passions

From: Lisa P.: I don't know anyone that will watch your soap anymore and today was my last. If you couldn't come up with plots for the show the show, you should have never aired. Everyone is so sick of watching Teresa chase Ethan that they won't watch the show anymore. If it takes this many years for someone to be with someone they don't deserve to be together. When I saw J.T. get away today I erased it from my recorder and took it off my recording list. Teresa is pathetic I don't know anyone that would be so desperate to chase someone for years. The only plots in this show are someone who is married or dating someone and want to be with someone else. It's disgusting; take the show off T.V.

Nick & Phyllis & Sharon Storyline? The Young and the Restless

From: Sharon R.: I have watched young & restless for years.... I have never been so irritated at a story line as the one with Nick & Phyllis & Sharon...the scenes with Nick & Phyllis make me want to vomit. Has Nick lost his mind? Of all people to make Nick leave his wife and family for,Phyllis? Huh!

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