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Justin Bieber continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons while Amanda Bynes' loose lips linger on Twitter. And is rehab actually working for Lindsay Lohan? Her father says so! Find out more in this week's Celebrity News!

It wasn't Bieber?
Is it becoming more difficult for Justin Bieber to hide behind the tinted windows of his white Ferrari? Or, is he really just on the hook for someone else's actions? Whatever the reason, it seems that Bieber has once again raised the ire of his neighbors for speeding through the gated Calabasas, CA community he shares with none other than ex-NFLers Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson. TMZ reports that Johnson was livid when, after dropping his children off at home, he drove his eco-friendly Prius over to Bieber's house to confront him about his reckless driving, which Bieber allegedly denied, saying instead that it was his friend Tyler, The Creator — aka Tyler Gregory Okonma, before fleeing back inside. Other reports say that Johnson chased Bieber down, knocked on his car window and later grabbed him to give him a terse warning, while the singer's security tried to block the former Super Bowl winner. With Johnson's account, coupled with many witnesses, the L.A. County Sheriff's police Department is now investigating Bieber's alleged wild-wheeled antics. Dickerson added his two cents on Twitter.

This latest unpleasant incident is not the only episode to plague the singer this week. Old accusations are resurfacing as Bieber was singled out for the second time for being an absentee dad. Star magazine is reporting that an unidentified 25-year-old woman is claiming that Bieber is the father of her four-year-old daughter – the product of an alleged one-night stand in Miami, FL when Bieber was only 15 years old. According to Star, Bieber and the woman exchanged text messages acknowledging their alleged illicit night together.

However, there is some good news in Bieber's love life, depending on which side of the rumor mill you're on. Sources say that Selena Gomez ("Spring Breakers") is temporarily back in the picture, as she and Bieber try to work out their relationship with a trial period. So we guess, in retail-speak, that means no money down for one year.

Is Liam Hemsworth a single man?
Guess couples therapy didn't work? Miley Cyrus' ("The Last Song") eleventh-hour decision to save Cyrus' relationship through counseling appears to have failed, as rumors suggest Cyrus was told things were over by her fiancé Liam Hemsworth ("Hunger Games"). Hemsworth and Cyrus are reportedly still living together, but are sleeping in separate rooms since they allegedly split. Cyrus is rumored to have confirmed their separation to a friend, but has yet to let go of her engagement ring and her supposed wedding dress – as her Twitter post shows.

Splitsville for Clooney and Keibler?
The rumor mill is also grinding about a reported breakup between George Clooney ("The Descendants") and Stacy Keibler ("What About Brian"). Likely, it's been so long that Keibler and Clooney have been photographed together that it has raised some concern. Keibler continues to shine on the red carpet however, despite her recent wardrobe malfunction at the Monaco Grand Prix where she apparently failed to zip up her red romper, giving photographers ample time to grab shots of her peekaboo panty line.

Big pimpin', spendin' Gs.
Before they were stars, they were pimps. It's an uncanny comparison, but it appears that James Lipton ("Inside The Actor's Studio") and a famous rapper share a similar pit-stop on the road to success. Earlier this month, Snoop Lion revealed his successful stint as a pimp to Rolling Stone magazine. Who knew that Lipton would soon follow with his own one-time pimp career? Lipton divulged to Parade magazine that he once did "roaring business," representing an entire bordello of prostitutes in Paris for a full year.

Amanda Bynes breakdown?
A rehab recruit in the making, Amanda Bynes ("Easy A") is the latest young Hollywood celeb whose erratic behavior and social media indiscretions have dominated headlines. Bynes' reputation took a further turn this week marked by her recent arrest for marijuana possession, which sparked a sound Twitter scolding. Last week, Bynes was reportedly smoking pot and later threw a bong, which she claimed was a vase, out of her New York apartment window after a building employee reportedly called police. She was arrested and briefly taken to a hospital for a psychiatric assessment before her mug shot was splashed across the news showing the chop job she did on her hair. Since that incident, Bynes has been at war with the police about what happened and has aggressively engaged other celebrities from Rihanna (which Bynes claims were fake tweets) to model Chrissy Teigen to Courtney Love and even tinsel town gossip site TMZ on Twitter. Bynes also claims that she is innocent of the drug charges and that she called police after she was sexually harassed by an officer. She is reportedly threatening to sue the NYPD as well as the management at her apartment for false accusations. In the meantime, Bynes' parents are reportedly unable to intervene.

Judge Jennifer Hudson?
With one less judge on the "American Idol" panel for next year, rumor has it that Jennifer Hudson ("Dream Girls") has been signed on to fill the spot vacated by Randy Jackson. However, "E! News" is reporting that Hudson isn't the only former Idol that "Idol" producers are eyeballing for a lucky season 13. With unconfirmed reports that Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj may not be returning, the show is supposedly looking to former Idol contestants, such as Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert to strengthen the judging panel.

Chris Brown's fender fight?
He may have walked away from commitment to Rihanna recently, but singer Chris Brown can't afford to skirt his probation duty as a result of their scuffle in 2009. Brown is reportedly very close to violating his probation if stories that he walked away from a fender-bender are true. Brown was reportedly driving when his vehicle rear-ended a Mercedes. According to TMZ, Brown is accused of giving the driver of the Mercedes false insurance information, as well as initially refusing to cough up his driver's license. Brown denies the accusations. Brown claims that the other driver has been difficult to reach, making it hard to resolve the accident.

Divorce party, anyone?
A quick end to a soured relationship in Hollywood is often wishful thinking, but not impossible. Mayim Bialik ("The Big Bang Theory") has officially finalized her divorce from her husband Michael Stone. Bialik decided to end her nine-year marriage last November, citing irreconcilable differences. Bialik and Stone share two boys. Courtney Cox ("Cougar Town") and David Arquette ("Scream 4") are also formally divorced after filing to separate three years ago.

Michael Clarke Duncan's grave vandalized.
TMZ is reporting that the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan's ("The Green Mile") headstone has been vandalized. According to one of Duncan's relatives, the actor's tombstone was defaced with racist graffiti. The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating the incident as a hate crime. Duncan passed away suddenly last July following a heart attack.

Help from Carrie and Blake.
Following the devastating tornado that plowed through Moore, Oklahoma last week, Carrie Underwood donated $1 million to the Red Cross for tornado relief. The United Way of Central Oklahoma May Tornadoes Relief Fund also received generous support from Blake Shelton ("The Voice") and friends as Shelton hosted Healing in the Heartland: Relief Benefit Concert to help raise profits. Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert delivered a poignant performance during the concert. Both Underwood and Shelton are natives of Oklahoma.

Lindsay Lohan's epiphany?
Last week, Michael Lohan was ready to rip the gavel out of the judge's hands to get Lindsay Lohan ("The Canyons") transferred out of the Betty Ford Center and into the Lukens Institute. This week, Lohan is clairvoyant as he continues to give the media a weekly play-by-play of his daughter's mental condition. According to her father, Lohan has been pushing through the first of three months of her 90-day stay in rehab with amazing strength and self-awareness. However, the elder Lohan doesn't credit his daughter's therapists with the change, but instead alluded to a medical cocktail that patients may be getting.

Celebrity toilet strike?
Actor Matt Damon ("Behind The Candelabra") has started a toilet strike pledging that he will not go to the bathroom until worldwide access to clean water and sanitation are realized. The strike is meant to raise awareness for the water.org and Strikewithme.org campaign, and has quickly garnered supporters like Jessica Biel ("Total Recall") and Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development") as well as U2 singer Bono and Olivia Wilde ("People Like Us"). Catch one of the many promotional videos below!

Brooke Mueller and the money.
There's another player in the ongoing saga starring Brooke Mueller's income woes while she serves the next 30 days in rehab for substance addiction – her mom, Moira Fiore. Apparently, Fiore has already moved into Mueller's home in preparation for her return, and as a gesture that Mueller will be supported should she regain custody of her sons, Bob and Max, once she completes rehab. A few weeks ago, after losing custody, Mueller was reportedly seeking an arrangement for her two boys, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen ("Anger Management"), to live with their uncle instead of remaining in the care of Sheen's other ex-wife, Denise Richards ("Twisted"). In doing so, Mueller would continue to receive the $55,000 in child support she receives from Sheen. Similarly, Fiore's presence would reportedly guarantee child support payments to Mueller. Last week, Mueller was awarded supervised visitation rights at the rehab center.

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