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Marcus may still be having trouble staying straight on "Coronation Street." Dot winds up in a dangerous situation on "EastEnders." Adam pushes Victoria to the edge of her tether on "Emmerdale." Sienna gets closer to Darren on "Hollyoaks." Kyle is set up on "Home and Away." And Kyle goes missing on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Thanks to a few hints from the twins, Dev gets on Karl's case about what really happened to Sunita. Karl doesn't handle that well. Steve and Lloyd do their best to stop Karl from losing it with Dev while Sally and Sophie worry that Dev could be getting obsessive.

Tina has a hard time coping with letting go. This leads to further friction with Gary and Izzy but there are even more problems in store for the new child. Meanwhile, Rob refuses to back down to his sister.

Spoiler alert: Ian races to get the restaurant up and running in time, but the opening itself could prove to be just as much trouble. Janine rears her head to cause problems and she's not the only one. While she and Michael continue to fight, Alice gets close to the edge.

When Carly is acting off, Masood fills AJ in. Meanwhile, Jay has to make a difficult choice as he attempts to keep Dexter in the dark. And Ava is wondering whether she should be choosing Dexter or Sam.

Spoiler alert: Rhona continues to tumble down the spiral of addiction. Her actions leave Vanessa shocked. Rhona promises her that she will actually seek help and agrees to go to a support group.

Debbie decides it's time to take revenge on her stalker, Robbie. He quickly catches on to this and decides to up the ante by sending social services after her. Meanwhile, Andy tries to keep on Kerry's good-side in the hopes that they can get back together but Dan is having a hard time keeping his feelings for her to himself.

Spoiler alert: Sienna plans to make it clear that Nancy is an unfit mother, but she may do more harm than good trying to prove it. She decides to set a fire to bring Nancy's addiction to light, but it ends up putting a baby in harm's way. Nancy is blamed for the blaze and fights with Daren before leaving for a funeral in Canada.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: The Braxtons go looking for Tamara and Ricky without knowing that Ricky left her behind when he escaped. As Brax searches for them, he stumbles on the connection between Tamara, Rick, Casey and Adam.

Marilyn makes it clear to John that she still doesn't want to be his friend. Meanwhile, Maddy is making friends with Holly while Natalia is telling Zac that he should steer clear of her. And Dex makes up with April after he says something to her that he shouldn't have.

Spoiler alert: In spite of Paul's attempts to set him up, Mason walks away from his trap scot-free. But that doesn't prevent him from having a rough time with Kate. She's jealous of how close he is getting to Imogen. She winds up seeking some solace with Kyle after Georgia pushes him away.

Lou contemplates leaving town for awhile to see his long lost daughter. Meanwhile, Joshua decides to leave his coach. Amber mistakenly thinks that he's leaving her too. And Callum doesn't want to hear any of Rani's apologies.

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