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The Rovers re-opens. (ITV)

Kerry gets an eyeful. (ITV)

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The Rovers finally re-opens on "Coronation Street." Turning a year older, Kim contemplates her future on "EastEnders." Vanessa pressures Rhona to face up to her drug addiction on "Emmerdale." The killer continues to roam free on "Hollyoaks." Marilyn tries to get some distance from John and Jett on "Home And Away." And Kate makes a choice but it could be too late for her on "Neighbours."

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: The stress of dealing with Gary and Izzy sends Tina into labor. While the couple continues to fight, Tina tries to keep them at a distance. Tommy stays nearby and wonders if it's the right time to tell Tina how he feels about her.

Rob and Tracy's plot continues to fizzle. Carla's suspicions about her brother's misdeeds are confirmed. She confronts the pair of them and agrees to give Rob one final chance, but it will mean that he has to face up to what he's been doing.

Spoiler alert: Tanya does all that she can to stop Lauren from continuing to drink. Lauren won't listen to her and keeps rebelling against her orders. However, she finally opens up to her sister about her problem. Abi tries to help her out but things take a turn for the worse when Lucy shows up and pushes Lauren's buttons.

Ava is not pleased to see that Sam hasn't left town and decides to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Alice acts out as she deals with pressure from Michael and Janine but she may go too far. And Phil may say too much when he and Sharon have a big fight.

Spoiler alert: Robbie manages to manipulate Debbie enough to allow him to thoroughly infiltrate her life. As he takes control, she faces some serious danger. It isn't long before she starts to realize this, but will she be able to break free in time?

After putting Angel to the test, Nicola is soon distracted by an offer from Steve which she accepts on the sly. Andy makes a move on Amy but their make-out session is interrupted when Kerry shows up with something startling to say. Andy pushes her away but Dan offers to help her out.

Spoiler alert: Dodger can't shake his suspicions that Theresa was responsible for Texas' murder. He decides to find out the truth by wiggling his way into her life, but this makes her more paranoid. He kisses her and tries getting her to confess. She winds up telling him about Calvin's killing instead. He records this but she tracks him down and threatens to shoot him before he can go to the cops.

The cast of "Hollyoaks" sent this message to their fans about their recent wins at the Soap Awards.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Ricky is sick with guilt when Kyle confronts her about Casey's arrest. He later admits that he also played a role in the arrest. The recent mayhem convinces Heath that someone is actually out to ruin the Braxtons.

Rosie decides that dropping out of school would be best for her and her baby. Bianca talks her out of that. Meanwhile, Maddy is busy manipulating Spencer while Indi decides that, since she's run into debt paying for her PI, she might as well just dump Romeo.

Spoiler alert: Matt does what he can to stop Lauren from realizing that he's jealous. She's distracted anyway. She can't help worrying that her past could be coming back to haunt her. While he goes off to call a truce with Brad, Steph searches for ways to find forgiveness.

Mason refuses to be cowed but Toadie thinks that he's about to trip into Paul's trap anyway. Meanwhile, Rani has a confession for Callum which sends him into a rage and Ajay tips Susan off about what he's been dreading.

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