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Va va voom!

Soaps.com staff and readers alike contributed to this compilation of Daytime's most notable sex sirens from the current soap line-up. From boardrooms to bedrooms, these lingerie-clad, stiletto-wearing vixens have earned their place as memorable soap opera sexpots!

All My Children's Erica Kane:
Erica’s sex siren status began to take shape way back in high school when she used her feminine wiles to come between Phillip and Tara. That kicked off a lifetime of sexy affairs, torrid seductions, and marriages virtually unrivaled in Daytime. Even as this sex vixen matured, she could still flirt the pants off any man with just a look, a flip of the hair, and a wiggle of her bewitching little figure.

The Bold and The Beautiful's Brooke Logan:
Although Brooke Logan considers herself a romantic, it’s her sexual appetite, seductive romps, and notoriety for indulging in naughty encounters with forbidden men that have really become her hallmark. This alluring blue-eyed blonde even has her own line of sensual lingerie – and still looks amazing modeling the red silk number!

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jackie Marone:
Jackie never made any apologies for her love of men and sex. Openly sexual at almost all times, Jackie’s insatiable desires – particularly her scorching hot romps and role-playing sessions with Owen – are the stuff of Daytime legend.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Steffy Forrester Spencer:
An iconic sex kitten in the making, Steffy may not have a long line of sexual conquests, but she has frequently been known to don the most scintillating items from her own lingerie line and straddle the object of her desires while wearing them. Steffy is no stranger to using her sexuality to stun a man who is already taken - she can definitely play the naughty girl.

Days of our Lives' Kate Roberts:
She may be a tough, savvy businesswoman, but with her husky voice and movie-star looks, Kate is as seductive as they come. She’s bedded Salem’s most powerful men, as well as many of the sexy, virile younger ones, who find it nearly impossible to resist her combination of desire and experience when she’s on the prowl. Even Kate’s fantasies are enough to melt the television screen!

General Hospital's Lucy Coe:
Lucy turned from an uptight librarian to a black-lingerie wearing sex vixen before viewers’ eyes – literally. From that point on, who couldn’t help but love Lucy – Kevin, Jake, Alan, Tony, Scotty, Ian… This sexy Port Charles siren became known for wearing red to funerals and weddings, selling candles that turned people on, sexy vampire slaying, and winding up in her lingerie at the Nurses’ Ball – scandalous!

One Life To Live's Blair Cramer:
Vixen Blair’s first order of business upon her arrival in Llanview was to break up Asa Buchanan’s marriage – she succeeded. Blair had incredible sexual chemistry with both Max and Todd, with whom she shared many trysts and sexy scenarios throughout their make-ups and break-ups over the years. Blair has also been known to use her considerable powers of seduction to get back at other women by bedding their men, or to get her out of troublesome situations.

One Life To Live's Dorian Cramer:
Dorian was all about men from the time she arrived in town and took up with fellow doctor Mark Toland. She wed Victor Lord for his fortune, and then Herb Callison, but it was her notorious sexy affairs with younger men, Jason Webb, and her rival Viki’s son, Joey Buchanan, that cemented Dorian’s status as a classic soap seductress. Dorian married and bedded numerous men, but her steamy sessions with Mel, and later David, brought out her inner sex vixen most intensely.

The Young and the Restless's Phyllis Summers Newman:
Phyllis has been a notorious sex siren from the moment she first appeared in Genoa City. From her romps with Dr. Tim Reid, to dumpster sex, to one of the hottest shower scenes in Daytime history, the fiery redhead oozes sex appeal and uses it readily to get out of tight spots and into the hearts and beds of GC’s men.

The Young and the Restless's Lauren Fenmore Baldwin:
There hasn’t been lingerie or a bandage dress designed that didn’t love Lauren Fenmore’s body. From the time Lauren was a teenager, she’s been saucy and sexy. Throughout her long marriage to Michael Baldwin she never let the fire go out, and could regularly be seen dining out with drool-inducing cleavage on display. Her recent romp with hot younger bartender, Carmine Basco, just goes to show she’s still got it.

The Young and the Restless's Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore:
We added one more for good luck! Jill’s campy, over-the-top sexuality saw her through many marriages and affairs – including a naughty tryst with Jack Abbott while married to his father, John. She’s stolen other women’s men, and if she sets her sights on a man it makes no difference if he’s an ex-con, a young bartender, or a powerful magnate - she’ll have him. One of Jill's most recent romps involved her wearing only stilettos and diamond earrings. Va va voom!

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- Candace Young