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If you’re as obsessed with answering polls as much as we are with making them, you have to check out each of our Primetime shows to participate in the latest polls.

Each poll is updated after the show airs and the recap is posted, so check back each week for a new round of questions.

Did John Ross and Pamela rush to the altar too soon? Vote in our Dallas polls, updated every Monday.

Did Sue do Becky any favors? Vote in our Glee polls, updated Thursdays.

Grey's Anatomy:
Who do you prefer Jackson with? Vote in our Grey's Anatomy polls, returning April 18.

Pretty Little Liars:
What is in the trunk? Vote in our Pretty Little Liars polls, new on Thursdays returning June 11.

How about these repeats? Vote in our Revenge polls, with the show returning with new episodes April 29.

The Vampire Diaries:
Can Bonnie stop Cyrus? Vote in our Vampire Diaries polls, back April 18.

Have any fun ideas for polls about your favorite Primetime show? Let us know below or in our Primetime message boards.

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- Hollie Deese