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To clarify, this is a compilation not of the most passionate scenes between couples, but of bold sex scenes that pushed the envelope in some way. Risque by definition means daring or verging on indecent. This particular top ten list was developed with the help of readers and staff alike. It pertains to the four current network soaps - "Days of our Lives," "General Hospital," "The Young and the Restless," and "The Bold and the Beautiful" only and is in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. B&B's Jackie and Owen's up against the refrigerator sex:
The soap gods know that Jackie and Owen had loads of naughty role-playing good times, but one particular risque sex scene back in 2009 had Owen throwing Jackie up against a stainless steel refrigerator and then making his way up underneath her baby doll nightie as she was pressed up against it biting her fingers in ecstasy. This lead to more daring and scintillating things happening on the nearby sofa of course. Super-sexual.

2. DOOL's EJ and Sami's grief sex:
There have been tons of hot sex scenes involving EJ (James Scott) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) - both together and with others - however, the scene in which they ended up having spontaneous sex while believing that their son Johnny had died was definitely a stunner. Why? It was 'wrong' on a number of levels - they were cheating; they were hating each other; they were out of their minds with grief - yet they were the only two people who understood how they felt at that moment. So wildly inappropriate, but so hot...

3. GH's Nicholas and Elizabeth have sex behind Lucky's back:
This scene was repeatedly given the nod by viewers as being one of the hottest "General Hospital" scenes. It was absolutely a smokin' sex scene - urgent, on the floor and all that - but what made it a contender for this list was the forbidden factor. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) had just agreed to move in with Lucky (Greg Vaughan), who just happened to be Nicholas' (Tyler Christopher) brother. Lust and betrayal!

4. Y&R's Sharon and Adam have sex in Victor's office:
Leading up to the sex in this scene, Sharon (Sharon Case) had just brought Adam (Michael Muhney) vital insider business information which indicated a certain loyalty - this turned him on enough that he spontaneously took her all over his father's (The Great Victor Newman!) sacred office - on the desk, up against the window, under the legendary portrait, on the leather couch... An extended sex scene with the characters' tainted history with each other - and with Victor - lending a forbidden element to it all.

5. DOOL's Will and Sonny's first time:
Gay love scenes are still considered risque for Daytime, so any of Sonny (Freddy Smith) and Will's (Chandler Massey) sex scenes qualify, however their first time was very intimate, with lots of touching, and plenty of skin. Runner up - the shower scene. Groundbreaking!

6. B&B's Brooke and Oliver's masked mistaken-identity sex:
While there have been plenty of scenes on this soap that have showed more skin, the overall shock value of this sex scene guaranteed it a spot on the list. Where to begin? The idea of having sex while wearing masks and not saying a word is pretty hot, but doing it on a terrace in the middle of a packed graduation party up against the wall qualified it as risque. But that's not all - the participants - Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Oliver (Zach Conroy) somehow both believed they were with their significant others - Ridge (Ronn Moss) and Hope (Kim Matula). Uh-uh. Not only will viewers never forget that "Pose" song that played repeatedly, but they'll never ever forget the look on Oliver's face when he realized he'd just had that mind-blowing sex with his girlfriend's mother!

7. B&B's Deacon and Brooke's audible orgasm sex:
Speaking of Brooke doing the dirty with her daughters' significant others, when asked about the most risque sex scene on "The Bold and the Beautiful" a majority of viewers recalled the super-hot scene when Brooke got busy with her daughter Bridget's (Jennifer Finnigan) man, Deacon (Sean Kanan) and enjoyed it so much she had an audible orgasm onscreen.

8. Y&R's Phyllis and Nick's shower scene:
Nick (Josh Morrow) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) have been known for their passion since first taking a roll in the hay (quite literally). However, this sex in the shower scene raised eyebrows because the characters were at odds at the time, so it was both intense and graphic. You have to get through the YouTube 'adult-only' filters to watch a clip - 'nuff said.

9. GH's Lulu and Dante's alone at last sex:
This scene came up repeatedly in discussions about "General Hospital's" sex scenes and when you watch the clip you can see why. The sheer length of the encounter, the detail, and the intensity of the passion are incredible enough, but you almost see Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) remove Lulu's (Julie Marie Berman) bra and she's actually topless by the time they hit the sheets. While it wasn't overtly scandalous, it certainly pushed the envelope for sex scenes in Daytime.

10. DOOL's Kate fantasizes about Nicholas in her office:
Kate's (Lauren Koslow) no stranger to the Mrs. Robinson, er Robertson, routine with younger men, but perhaps one of her most risque scenes was sex that she only fantasized about. When she imagined Nicholas (Victor Webster) walking into her office wearing just a towel, things got erotic in a hurry. The woman undid his towel, surveyed his manhood, looked him straight in the eye, and then proceeded to lick and kiss his stomach and chest. Then she imagined him returning the favor and they wound up doing the deed on her desk. Kate was so vocal and turned on she knocked the framed photo of her wheelchair-bound husband, Victor, onto the floor! Salacious!

Thanks to all who contributed suggestions. There were many insanely hot scenes to consider and too many honorable mentions to list here. Feel free to share your list in the comment section below!

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- Candace Young