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Tyrone prepares to testify. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

Karl becomes even more devious on "Coronation Street." Desperate measures become the orders of the day on "EastEnders." Ste lands himself in a messy situation on "Hollyoaks." Sam gets a shock on "Emmerdale." Chris could be slipping further into denial on "Neighbours." And someone wants to leave "Home and Away." Stay in the know with British and Aussie soaps.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Karl's desperate plan to win Stella back gets nastier. Tyrone prepares to tell the world how genuinely nasty Kristy is. The rest of the street starts to think that Ruby may be in danger thanks to her mother. And Roy's mother, Sylvia, goes into a panic after Anna sells Stan's cake.

Chesney has a hard time controlling himself when he sees Katy and Ryan together. He decides to get drunk and look for a rebound. Meanwhile, Dev and Sunita continue to bond as he stays by her bedside.

Spoiler alert: Liam continues sinking into gang life. When he's sober enough to figure out where he's landed himself, he worries. When Bianca discovers what he's been up to, she panics and decides to take desperate measures. She sends the coppers after him, but that may end up doing more harm than good.

Sharon suggests a bake-off to finally put an end to the wedding cake competition. This could get ugly.

Spoiler alert: Jai has it out with Declan and insists that Katie needs to know everything. Unfortunately he doesn't end there. He confronts Rachel and tells her what Charity has been getting up to. And Robbie gets chucked out of the pub, only to be abducted.

"Emmerdale" is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year. It just picked up two awards at the All About Soap Awards. They took home the prizes for Best Episode and Best Death. Congratulations!

Spoiler alert: Ste is seeking comfort where he might not normally look. The McQueens aren't comforted by their lack of hope where Mercedes is concerned and decide it's time to take the law into their own hands. And things are quickly unraveling for Nancy. As her addiction gets out of control, Darren can't shake his suspicions.

Clare is back on "Hollyoaks" to cause some chaos. Check out the video preview.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Kyle manages to get his charges dropped, but when he drops in on Tamara to tell her about his feelings, she makes it clear that they aren't reciprocated. Meanwhile, Maddy is feeling rejected and takes it out on Roo but her week gets worse when she sees Rosie kissing Spencer. And Sid pushes Romeo to tell Indi about his cancer.

Spoiler alert: Lucas's story comes to the centre as he battles with facing a cancer diagnosis. Meanwhile, Karl attempts to stall the divorce which Susan is demanding. Toadie comes back just in time to cause some snags in Susan's plan. And Sophie sets things up so Chris will finally be forced to admit that he has PTSD.

While Scotty admits to Georgie that he loves her, Kyle pours his heart out only to be disappointed. And Priya and Ajay head for therapy which starts yielding quick results.

Aussie star Barry Crocker has joined the panel judging the voice of "Neighbours'" revamped theme song.

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