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Setting himself up for a fall on Corrie. (ITV)

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Several rows are about to take place on the British soaps, as well as a few break ups, affairs and diabolical plans. As for the Aussie soaps, a thought to be straight man seems to be trying to come out, while another character is keeping a different kind of secret from his wife. Keep up with the latest drama from across the pond.

Coronation Street:

Spoiler alert: Chesney and Katy have a baby together and live together, but they aren't married. Chesney decides to change that by popping the question. Too bad Katy's decided to start seeing Ryan behind his back.

After leaving Sunita, Karl has decided he wants Stella back. Except, she's got a hot young boy toy and isn't interested in rekindling their relationship. He doesn't take no for an answer though, as evidenced by him basically kidnapping her in his taxi. He eventually let her go, but his next move is to set fire to Stella's boyfriend Jason's work van. The move backfires as Jason decides to quit his job as a builder and moves in with Stella. Will Karl back off now or will this just add fan the flames?

Spoiler alert: Sharon and Jack are engaged, but their relationship hasn't been a smooth one. That's mostly due to Phil's interference, considering he'd like Sharon for himself. To make matters worse, Sharon discovers Jack has been in touch with his ex-wife, who is currently in prison. That seems to be the last straw, so she calls off the wedding. Sharon isn't exactly innocent though, as she shares a kiss with Phil later this week.

Sharon might want to start watching Jack around her friend and his ex-sister-in-law Tanya as well. At least that's what Jack's brother Max is doing. Not that he has any room to be jealous, considering he's taken back up with his recently estranged wife Kirsty, but Max isn't too thrilled to see Jack spending so much time with Tanya and his girls. The two get into it and come close to throwing punches. Will Jack lose a fiancée and a brother?

Spoiler alert: Brenda breaks up with Bob when she learns she has a brain tumor. He's left confused as he isn't aware of her condition. Things get more complicated for him when he discovers Dan, who accidentally learns of Brenda's diagnosis, comforting her. Angered by what he sees, he lunges for who he thinks is his romantic rival, but ultimately decides to let the "lovebirds" be. Will the dustup prompt Brenda to confess all to Bob?

Vanessa is in for a bit of a tough time at Home Farm. After attending a funeral and having a glass of wine, she is called in to tend to an ailing horse. She diagnoses him as having colic, but the horse later dies. Her friend and boss Rhona backs up her diagnosis, but the owners of the horse threaten legal action. Vanessa decides to protect her friend and quits instead. However, Rhona is injured and Rhona's significant other and partner Paddy has been suspended from practicing. That just leaves Vanessa.

Spoiler alert: Brendan finally learns Walker is back in his life and out for blood. Panicked, he sends his loved ones out of town. When he does encounter Walker, he finds him holding a gun on his father. We're not sure what happens to Brendan's abusive dad, or if he even cares, but Brendan and Walker end up on a railway track to have it out once and for all. With Brendan on his way off the canvas later this month, it's anyone's guess how this ends up.

Jacqui and Trudy aren't on the best of terms, so Jacqui is thrilled when she finds some leverage against her. She hopes to use Trudy's illegal vodka making scheme to blackmail her, but the women end up bonding when Trudy saves her from a sexual assault. In the aftermath, Trudy offers to cut Jacqui in on her gig. Will she take her up on it?

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: Roo and Harvey have taken in homeless teens Spencer and Maddy, but they don’t know much about them. That changes a little when Spencer accidentally reveals their father is still alive and Maddy confesses they're on the run. The plot thickens when Roo sees Maddy on a missing persons list.

Romeo and Indi have been starting anew recently, but things hit a snag when Romeo is encouraged to see a specialist for his shoulder. Not wanting to worry his wife, he goes into the city for more tests. The storyline is expected to be an emotional one for Romeo, whose portrayer Luke Mitchell is leaving the show. No word on how Romeo goes out, but the actor has been cast on The CW's "Tomorrow People." Based on the British series, the series centers on young people from around the world with special powers. Mitchell's character will possess the gift of teleportation.


Spoiler alert: Priya has been trying to hold on to her marriage after her affair with Paul was revealed. However, Paul hasn't completely gone away, keeping Ajay enraged. Things look even bleaker for Priya when Ajay leaves a bar with another woman.

Scott is dating Georgia, but that hasn't stopped him from sending signals to Chris while on a camping trip. Scott insists Chris misunderstood his intentions, but he can't exactly explain away the kiss he later instigates. Chris confides in Kyle what's transpired and the men decide to tell Scott's girlfriend. Just as they're about to spill, she announces Scott popped the question.

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