Christel Kahlil in her first Y&R appearance, this month

Davetta Sherwood with on-screen hubby, Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti)

As our readers know by now, Davetta Sherwood (ex-Lily Winters Romalotti) has been axed from the number one show, The Young and the Restless. Her replacement comes as a surprise, as we've seen this 'new Lily' before! Y&R replaced Davetta with the ex- Lily, Christel Kahlil! This comes as a big shock to both Davetta and the fans.'s online mailbag is filling up with mixed reviews about the recent character change. originally posted about the changes in our news room Davetta Sherwood (Lily) Y&R is let go - Christel Kahlil is back! Feel free to read that article, and add your comments!

Here is what just a few readers had to say about the change.

Monica B: I do not like the old lily she doesn't look or act like Dru so bring back the other girl because she does!!

Carol C: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for bringing back the original Lily. She has an innocent quality as Lily should have. The other Lily was, I'm sure, a nice person but she had more of a seductive quality than Lily should. She came across as older, not young and innocent. Our teens are grateful to see the original Lily, too!

Lisa B: What happened to the other Lily? Will she be returning? I heard or read that she was fired? Is that true?

Janet S: I am thrilled to see the old Lilly back
Chelsea L: Hi my name is Chelsea I really like the old Lily you just got rid of (Davetta). Why do you guys switch actors so often? Anyway I love the show...

Bill S: Why did they bring back the old Lily and get rid of the new one?

Nikki B: The switch back to the old Lily wasn't the brightest idea in my opinion. I thought she wanted to do something else with her acting? It was more dramatic with the old lily. I thought she were a great fit in for that part. I liked her better.

While we don't know the answer to your pressing questions, we do know that Davetta also doesn't know why she was let go. On her Myspace website, she tells her fans, "To continue with the honesty and to answer all of your questions, I have yet to be informed of the "reasoning behind this firing..." nor have I been informed by anyone at CBS. My agent told me. I suppose that bothers me and I don't think it's right or fair. But my future is bigger than that! Im ok! Brighter than any of their studio lights!

I would never dog the blessing of a show I was on. The #1 television show on Daytime for 33 years. What an opportunity! Fun times! Still, I want you all to know that Im good. Iam already taking steps forward. The thing is, I don't want to loose you. Will you come with me?" To read more about this, check out her blog, Davetta Sherwood's Myspace Blog wishes the both of them much success!

Christine Fix