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It's a new year, with new drama on UK & Aussie soaps. Sisters fight over a man on "EastEnders," a fake marriage on "Emmerdale" might be more serious than previously thought and an off-screen wedding for two "Home and Away" actors is just the tip of the iceberg.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: After reuniting with her husband David, Kylie learns she's pregnant. David has wanted a baby, so he should be happy with the news, unless of course the baby turns out to be his brother Nick's, who she had a one-night-stand with.

After Carla fired her brother Rob from running her factory, he started a rival business and stole some of her clients. Rethinking her actions, Carla offers Rob his job back, but he wants more than just to be her employee at Underworld. He wants to be a shareholder.

Spoiler alert: Ayesha has been staying with the Masoods so she can get to know the man her family wants her to marry. When Zainab discovers Ayesha is crushing on someone other than her intended Rashid, she enlists her husband Masood to investigate. He rules out the two likely suspects Fatboy and Tamwar and quickly learns he is the object of her affections.

In a bit of miscommunication, Ray thought Kim learned he kissed her sister. With his back against the wall, he blurted out that Denise kissed him. It obviously causes a rift between the sisters, but they work things out, until Ray breaks up with Kim. She blames Denise and puts her out on the street. Needing a place to stay, Kim turns to Ian for shelter. Will he offer her anything more?

Spoiler alert: Much to Alicia's disappointment, she and David end their pretend marriage, freeing David up to be with Priya. Things might not be as over between them as they think though, as David asks Alicia and her son Jacob to keep living with him. He tells himself it's all for the boy he's grown close to, but could he be ignoring his growing feelings for his soon to be ex-wife?

Charity knows something is up with her husband Jai, but can't get the dirt on him. Fed up, she suggests they divorce since he wants a baby and she doesn't. Little does she know he just had a child with Rachel. Even if the truth doesn't come out, things aren't looking too good for the couple.

Spoiler alert: Dirk hears that his girlfriend Myra is pregnant. After some soul searching, he decides to propose and does it in a very public way. However, Myra might not actually be with child, so what will her answer be?

Will isn't the most popular guy around after he confesses to sleeping with Texas. After a confrontation with his one-night-stand, he ends up falling down a flight of stairs and ends up in the hospital. It remains to be seen if he was pushed and if so by whom, but the drama doesn't end there, as a furious Dodger has words with him about his indiscretion. Seeing Will in a close moment with Texas makes matters worse, so he does what any scorned soap character would do and turns to another woman for comfort.

Home and Away:
They played the short lived couple Ruby and Romeo on "Home and Away," but in real life, the actors Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell recently got married. The two met on set in 2009 and announced their engagement last May. They reportedly held a small ceremony at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat in New South Wales.

Spoiler alert: New episodes begin airing in Australia on January 21. Watch the Home and Away spoiler video that boasts, "Fresh loves, fresh faces and fresh beginnings."

The show is developing new outdoor sets, which will be housed at the show's home base in Nunawading. Viewers will soon see new backyards of the homes on Ramsay Street, which will differ from the usual exterior sets currently shot at Pin Oak Court.

Spoiler alert: Kate thought her boyfriend Mark died after entering witness protection a year ago. You can imagine her surprise when she thinks she sees him. It happens during an eclipse though, making her question if her eyes are playing tricks on her. Not to mention, if he is truly back, she might not be free to run into his arms.

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