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Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake - GH) (Courtesy Rick)

Terri Colombino (Courtesy of Terri)

We asked the stars, "What's your favorite charity?"

Updated, November 14, 2006:

After spending some time on Rick Springfield's Official Website, I found myself curious about the upcoming benefit concert for Rick's friend Sahara, or "Little Miss S", as he refers to her. Sahara is a 12 year old girl, who is the daughter of friends. She has become a friend in her own right, and has been diagnosed with cancer. Our General Hospital Editor, Julie Clark Robinson was able to speak with Rick (Dr. Noah Drake, GH) about it, a few days ago. The world needs more kids like her. Rick tells Julie. She's very precious to Rick, and has been coming to his shows for a long time. Recently, he decided to hold a concert to help her battle cancer. All proceeds from the 'Hope for Hoops' concert go directly to her!

For all you Rick Springfield and Dr. Noah Drake fans, you have a chance to see him in concert, performing this very special benefit concert for Sahara on Friday, December 8th, 2006 at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, MO. and Rick Springfield encourage you to check out the fan club breakfast and concert! For more information, go to, Rick Springfield - Hope for Hoops! You're also invited to read Sahara's Blog, and as Rick says," Leave a comment or just look at the site and learn a little of what this shinning girl is about."

Adrian Bellani (Miguel Passions) tells writer, Amy Mistretta that he is an avid supporter of PADRES Contra El Cancer, a program dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer. PADRES Contra El Cancer offers educational, emotional and programmatic resources to assist families undergoing one of life's most trying experiences - the diagnosis of a child with cancer.

Erika Schaefer (Lexi Fashion House) shared her favorite charity with writer, Shannon Burrell:

"You know, I have always had a special place in my heart for kids. I have two little cousins that I absolutely adore. I have always loved the Make a Wish Foundation. They bring such joy to terminally ill children and their families. I just love being a part of that foundation. If anyone is interested in making contributions, they can visit them online at and find out more information there.

Bryton McClure (Devon The Young and the Restless) told's Editor-in-Chief, Christine Fix,

"I was asked to be in a music video that Paul McCartney was doing with RADD; a re-make of 'Baby You Can Drive My Car.' After learning about RADD, I asked my father if there was anything like RADD for Kids. RADD was an organization for adults, 21 and over. After that, my father thought that if he could get me involved in a program like RADD at a young age, it would help me develop into a good role model for my peers and give me something to feel proud about. We asked Mara Wilson, (Matilda & Mrs. Doubt fire), Raven Simone (Cosby's) and Taryn Noah Smith (Home Improvement) to join us in filming several public service commercials about bicycle, skateboard and pedestrian safety. The PSAs aired on ABC's Saturday morning lineup for nearly 3 years! RADD Kids was born and we soon had over 80 young celebrities supporting our youth safety messages. RADD Kids utilizes young celebrity messengers to deliver youth safety Edutainment to their peers across America. Today, RADD Kids is a member of NOYS, the National Organizations for Youth Safety. (Noys)"

Morgan Fairchild (Sofia - Fashion House) talks to writer, Shannon Burrell about being an advocate in the fight against AIDS Shannon asks,

"I am sure that I speak for many people when I say 'Thank You' for being such an advocate in the fight against AIDS. What is the one thing that all of your fans reading this interview can do to help win this fight?"

"Just keep talking about it and practicing safe sex. There is starting to be a resurgence of new infections because older people get lazy and younger people (who didn't watch all their friends die) think it is treatable or just won't touch them. New drugs like Crystal Meth make people throw caution to the wind, and that is never good. Also, we're seeing more and more infections in women and children in communities of color. We have to keep talking about it and removing the stigma, so that people will get tested and practice safe sex. This is one disease where denial and hypocrisy kill."

Terri Colombino: (Katie, As the World Turns ) spoke with Editor-in-Chief, Christine Fix, about her "Ban It" cause, recently. Here is what she has to say about her favorite charity.

"The issue of my tee is BAN HATE! Because hate is the root cause the other things we would all love to see banned things like war, violent crime and abuse. The design of the lotus flower is to signify the positive change that can come from love which, to me, is the antidote to hate. I choose to give the proceeds of this auction to the Maria Ferrari Children's hospital because I have witnessed, first hand, the power of the love they can give to the children they treat and the parents who are hurting for their children. When true love and care is given to people in a desperate time, they tend to have a positive change in their life and pass that love on to others when they need it(a kind of "pay it forward") and that is one way we can BAN HATE! I am so proud to be a part of something so positive that can inspire others to do what they can to make the changes that they wish for possible."

Nicole Pulliam (Nikki Fashion House)

"I work with the humane society. Keeping people aware of the problems going on with the inhumane treatment of animals is helpful.